Digital Platform API - Member service

A member is any entity that has a financial relationship with Xandr, and each client is a single member. Members are registered with the Member Service by Xandr personnel, and all API activity must be associated with a member. Note that the Member Service does not grant API or UI access. Each member has multiple users who have their own UI and API credentials, and are managed by the User Service.

Members and Contracts

Before they can buy or sell ads, a member needs a contract with Xandr. This contract will establish financial terms and credit facilities (if applicable), and bind the member to the terms and conditions of Xandr, such as content quality and use of personally identifiable information.


HTTP Method Endpoint Description
GET View your member
GET View a particular member, if you have multiple
GET Find out which fields you can filter and sort by
PUT Modify an existing member
POST Add a new member (Admin-only)

JSON fields

Field Type Description
allow_ad_profile_override Boolean If true, the ad quality restrictions in default_ad_profile_id will take precedence over ad quality restrictions defined at the placement level. For example, if you restrict Advertiser X in the default ad quality profile at the network level, but do not restrict Advertiser X at the placement level, Advertiser X will still be restricted. If you set this to false , settings at the placement level will take precedence.

Note: If you set this to true, you must set the default_ad_profile_id as well.

Default: true
allow_non_cpm_payment Boolean Default: true
app_contract_accepted Boolean Not yet supported. Indicates whether the member has agreed to the Xandr terms of service contract for Xandr's exchange. Non-admin users can only change this field from False to True. In order to set it from True to False, contact your Xandr representative.

Default: false
audit_notify_email string Each time Xandr audits a creative belonging to this member, a detailed response is sent to this email address. The response includes the creative's audit status and any reasons why the creative has not passed audit. This field supports multiple comma-separated email addresses. Could also be used for domain audit notification ( see domain_blocklist_email below).
buyer_clearing_fee_pct double Admin-only. The percent of the CPM paid for inventory charged as a fee in certain cases. See your contract for more information.
buyer_credit_limit double Admin-only. The credit limit with Xandr taken into consideration when the member is buying inventory.
contact_email string The email contact for this member.
content_categories array of objects A list of available categories that you can apply to publishers, sites, and placements. Can be customized by the member. The array is of this format.
contract_allows_unaudited Boolean Admin-only. See default_campaign_trust and default_campaign_allow_unaudited for information about Xandr-reviewed inventory. If your contract does not allow you to run on non-Xandr-reviewed inventory for some reason, this will be false.

Default: true
creative_size_fee_per_gb float Read-only. The fee that is charged per GB for a creative that exceeds the creative_size_minimum_bytes.
creative_size_minimum_bytes int Read-only. The size above which a creative is considered over-sized. The member is charged a creative overage fee for serving an over-sized creative.
daily_budget money The safety budget for your member, in U.S. dollars. The safety budget establishes a member-wide cap for your daily CPM media cost on third-party inventory. This helps limit the risk of unintentional overspend due to trafficking and campaign setup errors. Your safety budget always operates on the timezone of your member and resets each day at 12am.

To control who receives email notifications when your safety budget is approached, use the send_safety_budget_notifications field on the User Service.

Default: null
daily_budget_imps int The safety budget for your member, in impressions. See daily_budget above for more details.

Default: null
daily_imps_self_audited int
daily_imps_unaudited int
daily_imps_verified int
deal_types array of objects Default: null
default_accept_data_provider_usersync Boolean See default_accept_supply_partner_usersync.

Default: true
default_accept_deals Boolean If true, the acceptance_status field of the Deal Buyer Setting Service defaults to active, if false, the acceptance_status defaults to pending.

Default: true
default_accept_demand_partner_usersync Boolean See default_accept_supply_partner_usersync.

Default: true
default_accept_supply_partner_usersync Boolean We use pixels to sync user IDs between Xandr and our major non-platform supply partners, such as Google, and third party data providers. This increases our ability to apply frequency and recency caps and segment data across the Internet. You can opt not to participate in user syncing; however this reduces our ability to apply the right information to your campaigns.

Default: true
default_ad_profile_id int The ID of the default Ad Profile to use. This is required when allow_ad_profile_override is true.
default_allow_cpa Boolean Default: true
default_allow_cpc Boolean Default: true
default_buyer_group_id int Currently used for an alpha feature.
default_campaign_allow_unaudited Boolean You can choose to apply Inventory Quality criteria to your campaigns (sensitive attributes, intended audience, etc.). If this field is false, then certain inventory quality criteria will be applied by default to each campaign. You can override it at any time in the Campaign Manager or through the campaign's profile. If true, no inventory quality criteria will be applied to your campaigns unless you manually apply it.

Default: false
default_campaign_trust enum Xandr reviews a significant portion of inventory and applies quality attributes, and also encourages members who sell on our platform to review their inventory in the same manner. If you would like campaigns to by default run only on Xandr-reviewed inventory, then set this field to "appnexus". If you want to default to your seller trust settings, which may include seller-reviewed and unreviewed inventory, set this field to "seller". You can override this with the campaign's profile.
Possible values:
- seller
- appnexus

Default: appnexus
default_content_retrieval_timeout_ms int The default timeout, specified in milliseconds, for all placements created by this member. The default value of 0 will mean that mediated content will not be served.

Note: This setting can still be overridden by the content_retrieval_timeout_ms field on the placement itself.

Default: 0
default_country array of objects The objects are:
- "country_id"
- "country_name"
- "country_code"

Default: null
default_currency string The default currency for this member. Can be overridden at more granular levels. For possible currency values, use the Currency Service.

Default: USD
default_enable_for_mediation Boolean Whether placements created by this member are enabled to serve mediation creatives by default. Even if this field is set to false, the enable_for_mediation field on the placement itself can still override the behavior defined here.

Default: false
default_placement_id int The placement ID to be used as a default when an inactive or nonexistent seller tag is called.
developer_id int Read-only. The ID of the developer, if the member is developing on Xandr's platform (e.g., for the Apps Marketplace).
domain_blocklist_email string When Xandr finds domains belonging to this member to be in violation of its standards and auditing policies, the domains are put into a blocklist, and an email is sent to this email address. The email identifies the domain URL, average daily impressions, and blocklist reason(s) for each domain that averaged at least 10,000 daily impressions over the last 7 days. Blocked domains that averaged less than 10,000 daily impressions over the last 7 days are not included in the email.

Note: If no email address is provided here, the email address in the audit_notify_email is used instead.
dongle string A code that is used as a password for a member's debug output.
email_code string(50) Email code is a unique value used when placements are processed via our email tag processing tool. Must be an alphanumeric value.
enable_click_and_imp_trackers Boolean Admin-only. If true, external click and impression trackers can be created in.

Default: false
entity_type enum Admin-only. A legacy field that may be used in the future. Possible values: "reseller" or "direct" (deprecated).

Default: "reseller"
expose_eap_ecp_placement_settings Boolean Deprecated as of March 2011.
expose_optimization_levers Boolean Admin-only. If true, optimization levers are shown in.

Default: false
floor_optimization array of objects Read-only. Indicates if floor optimization is enabled for this member and provides the bidder ID of a real-time price provider. See Floor Optimization below for the definitions of the objects in this array. May also be set to null to disable the feature.
id int The ID of the member.

Required on: PUT
interface_domain string(100) This field is being deprecated.
interface_domain_beta string(100) This field is being deprecated.
inventory_trust array of objects This controls who you buy from and whether Xandr will use their quality and category information for targeting. See Inventory Trust below for more details.
is_iash_compliant Boolean Admin-only. If a selling member is IASH compliant, a logo will be placed next to the member's name in Partner Center.

Default: false
last_modified timestamp The timestamp of last modification to this member.
max_hosted_video_size int Admin-only. The maximum file size for hosted in-stream video creatives. In addition to limiting file size, setting this field enables the member to host videos with Xandr.
mediation array of objects Read-only. Indicates whether automatic bid adjustments and reporting sync are enabled for this member. See Mediation below for the definitions of the objects in this array.
member_brand_exceptions array of objects An array of brand IDs. Creatives associated with these brands will be allowed to serve more than once per page load on your publishers' pages (4 on those publishers' pages who have enabled sell-side page caps via the seller_page_cap_enabled field of the Publisher Service). You can also add per-publisher brand exceptions using the publisher_brand_exceptions field of the Publisher Service. See Member Brand Exceptions for the definitions of the objects stored in this array.

Default: n/a
name string The name of the member.

Required on: POST
native_custom_keys array of objects Some sellers of native advertising require buyers to use "custom keys" to target their inventory. These keys will vary from member to member. This field allows sellers to define what custom values they'd like buyers to pass in via a native creative. For more information, see Native Custom Keys below.

Note: You can obtain a list of native custom keys using the read-only Native Custom Keys.

Default: null
no_reselling_priority int This value is used to determine whether RTB bids are allowed to compete with your managed campaigns. In order for an RTB bid to be able to compete with a managed bid for an impression, this field's value must be greater than the priority of the managed bid.

For example, let's say you have the following auction and settings. In this example, the RTB bid will not compete, even though its bid price is higher. In order for RTB to compete on this impression, no_reselling_priority would have to be 9 or higher.

In addition, when reselling is allowed for an impression, the highest priority standard managed demand will be allowed to compete with the highest priority guaranteed demand (as well as with RTB).
pitbull_segment_id int Note: This field has been deprecated.
pitbull_segment_value int Note: This field has been deprecated.
platform_exposure enum This determines whether and how your member appears in the Buyers tab of the Ad Quality Manager in and in the Platform Member service. Possible values:
- "public" = Your member name is shown.
- "private" = Your member ID is shown.
- "hidden" = Your member does not appear.

- Setting platform_exposure to "hidden" will hide your member "name" and "domain" fields in our sellers.json file and list your member seat as "is_confidential": 1. See example.
This can limit the monetization of your inventory as some DSPs may not choose to buy impressions from sellers who are not transparent in the "schain" object.

- Setting platform_exposure to "public" will display your member "name" and "domain" fields in our sellers.json file. See example.

- primary_type must be either "buyer" or "network" in order for it to appear in the Buyers tab of the Ad Quality Manager in.

Default: "public"
plugins array The plugins that users see on the Apps tab in. See Plugins below for more details.
plugins_enabled Boolean Admin-only. If true, the Apps tab is shown in.

Default: false
pops_enabled_UI Boolean Admin-only. If true, pop ad support is shown in.

Default: false
prioritize_margin Boolean If set to true Xandr will perform a bid/no bid check for managed campaigns based on line item minimum margin settings. If set to false Xandr will not not perform any bid/no bid check for managed campaigns based on the line item minimum.

Default: false
reporting_decimal_type enum The decimal mark used in reporting. This setting can be overridden at the user and report levels (see "reporting_decimal_type" in the User Service and Report Service). Possible values:
- "comma"
- "decimal" (period)

Default: "decimal"
reselling_description string This description is not currently used in.
reselling_exposure enum Whether or not to expose the member's inventory to the platform for reselling in the real-time marketplace. Possible values: "public" or "private".

Default: "private"
reselling_exposed_on string The date and time at which reselling_exposure was changed to "public"
seller_member_groups array of objects Admin-only. Specifies information about the groups of sellers to which this member belongs. See Seller Member Group below for more information.
seller_revshare_pct int Admin-only. If this member is a seller and has a revenue sharing agreement with Xandr, the Xandr portion of the revenue sharing is indicated here.
serving_domain object Admin-only. The domain through which advertisements are served. The format of the object is {"cname":"","type":null}
sherlock_notify_email string Each time Sherlock scans a creative belonging to this member, a response is sent to this email address. The response includes the creative's audit status and any reasons why the creative has not passed audit. This email address will also receive object limit notifications, sent when you reach 85, 95, and 100 percent of your limit for an object. This field supports multiple comma-separated email addresses.
short_name string URL-friendly name to be used as needed.
standard_sizes array The list of sizes which are included in the standard sizes dropdown in when creating creatives. The array is of the following format:
[{"width":"120","height":"600","is_standard":true},{"width":"160","height":"600","is_standard":true}, ... ,{"width":"728","height":"90","is_standard":true},{"width":"800","height":"60","is_standard":false}]
state enum The state of the member. Possible values: "active" or "inactive".
thirdparty_pixels array Read-only. An array of third-party pixels associated with the member. You can automatically attach these pixels to all creatives owned by this member using the Third-party Pixel service or attach them individually at the creative level using the Creative Service.

Default: null
timezone enum The timezone of the member. See API Timezones for details and accepted values. To change the default timezone of an individual advertiser, use the Advertiser Service. If no timezone is specified in the Advertiser Service, advertisers inherit the member's timezone.

Default: "EST5EDT"
use_insertion_orders Boolean If true, use insertion orders (an organizational level above line items) for this member.

Default: false
visibility_profile_id int The ID of the optional visibility profile attached to the member. See the Visibility Profile Service for more details.

Default: null
website_url string The company website for this member. This is used in a number of areas where contact details are displayed.

Content_categories array format

& Humanities"}, ...

Auction and settings for no_reselling_priority

Bid Type Bid Price Priority
RTB $5 8 (no_reselling_priority)
Managed $3 8 ( priority)

Setting platform_exposure to hidden

"seller_id": "7694",
"seller_type": "INTERMEDIARY",
"domain": "",
"name": "Xaxis – Slovakia Marketplace"

Setting platform_exposure to public

"seller_id": "8253",
"is_confidential": 1,
"seller_type": "PUBLISHER"

Server of record


Server of record applies only to Publisher Ad Server clients.

Field Type Description
server_of_record object For some line items, the most important performance indicator is that the line item delivers its budget in full and evenly across its flight dates. This object is used to hold configuration details related to these line items.

Default: null
enforce_true_priority_tiers Boolean Deprecated.
For more information about Guaranteed Delivery line items, see the delivery_goal array on the Line Item Service.

Default: false
guaranteed_delivery_enabled Boolean If true, this member has access to guaranteed delivery features.

Default: false
guaranteed_delivery_version int This temporary flag denotes the version of the Guaranteed Delivery pacing algorithm being used. It can be set at either the member or line item level. The flag will be removed when the new version (2) of the algorithm is released platform-wide. Allowed values:

Default: null

Native custom keys

Field Type Description
custom_key string A seller-defined key that defines what information the seller would like the buyer to pass in via a native creative.

Third-party pixels

The thirdparty_pixels array contains the fields in the table below. These fields are read-only. To update or create third-party pixels and/or attach third-party pixels to all creatives owned by the member, use the Third-party Pixel service. To attach third-party pixels to individual creatives, use the Creative Service.

Field Type Description
active Boolean Read-only. The current status of the pixel (true = active).
audit_status string Read-only. Audit status of the pixel.
id int Read-only. The pixel's ID.
name string Read-only. The full name of the pixel.

Inventory trust

Field Type Description
default_allow_unaudited Boolean If true, campaigns using inventory quality filtering will allow unaudited inventory from sellers unless overridden in the members array.
default_trust enum Possible values:
- appnexus: Campaigns using inventory quality filtering will only buy Xandr-audited inventory from sellers unless overridden in the members array.
- seller: Inventory quality filtering will allow inventory that has been audited by the selling member in Xandr.
members array For each selling member, controls banned/eligible for selling to you, whether you trust their inventory audit, and whether you allow unaudited inventory from them.

Seller member group

All fields in the seller_member_group object can be written by admins only.

Field Type Description
created_on date Timestamp that indicates when this seller member group was created.
description string Specifies a description of this seller member group.
display_order int Specifies the order in which this seller member group will be displayed in . Default is 5.
id int Specifies the unique ID of this seller member group.
last_modified date Timestamp that indicates when this seller member group was last modified.
name string Specifies the name of this seller member group.


Field Type Description Required On
id int The ID of the plugin.
status enum The state of the plugin. If "available" the user has not yet installed the plugin; if "installed", the user has installed the plugin; if "accept_permissions", the user has installed the plugin, but changes to the plugin require the user to explicitly accept the changes before continuing to use it. Possible values:
- "available"
- "installed"
- "accept_permissions"

Member brand exceptions

Field Type Description Required On
brand_id int The ID of the brand whose associated creatives you would like to allow to serve more than once per page load on page-cap-enabled publishers' inventory. This setting will only take effect on those publishers which you've enable for page capping by setting the seller_page_cap_enabled field to true on the Publisher Service. For more information about brands, see the Brand Service.

Floor optimization

Field Type Description Required On
active Boolean If true, this member has floor optimization enabled.
bidder_id integer The ID of an internal real-time price provider that performs the floor optimization.


Field Type Description Required On
auto_bid_adjustment_enabled Boolean If true, this member can use the automatic bid adjustment feature, in which Xandr suggests a bid based on an estimate what the network will pay and automatically updates the bid as conditions change.
reporting_sync_enabled Boolean If true, this member can use the reporting sync feature, in which reporting data from third-party networks can be pulled from that network's servers. This data is used to create daily reports and monitor trends directly from within Xandr.


View your member

$ curl - b cookies ''
    "response": {
        "status": "OK",
        "member": {
            "id": 186,
            "name": "My Network",
            "whitelabel_support_email": null,
            "reselling_description": null,
            "state": "active",
            "no_reselling_priority": 6,
            "entity_type": "reseller",
            "buyer_clearing_fee_pct": null,
            "default_placement_id": null,
            "default_buyer_group_id": null,
            "thirdparty_pixels": [{
                "id": 656,
                "name": "sample pixel",
                "audit_status": "pending",
                "active": true
            }, {
                "id": 311,
                "name": "another sample pixel",
                "audit_status": "pending",
                "active": true
            "interface_domain": null,
            "interface_domain_beta": null,
            "content_categories": [{
                "id": "10432",
                "name": "Pets & Animals"
            }, {
                "id": "10433",
                "name": "Fun & Trivia"
            }, {
                "id": "10434",
                "name": "Autos & Vehicles"
            }, {
                "id": "10435",
                "name": "Beauty & Personal Care"
            }, {
                "id": "10436",
                "name": "Business & Industry"
            }, {
                "id": "10437",
                "name": "Computers & Electronics"
            }, {
                "id": "10438",
                "name": "Arts & Entertainment"
            }, {
                "id": "10439",
                "name": "Finance"
            }, {
                "id": "10440",
                "name": "Food & Drink"
            }, {
                "id": "10441",
                "name": "Games"
            }, {
                "id": "10442",
                "name": "Health"
            }, {
                "id": "10443",
                "name": "Home & Garden"
            }, {
                "id": "10444",
                "name": "Internet & Telecom"
            }, {
                "id": "10445",
                "name": "Lifestyles"
            }, {
                "id": "10446",
                "name": "Local News"
            }, {
                "id": "10447",
                "name": "News"
            }, {
                "id": "10448",
                "name": "Online Communities"
            }, {
                "id": "10449",
                "name": "Photo & Video Sharing"
            }, {
                "id": "10450",
                "name": "Real Estate"
            }, {
                "id": "10451",
                "name": "Recreation"
            }, {
                "id": "10452",
                "name": "Reference & Language"
            }, {
                "id": "10453",
                "name": "Science"
            }, {
                "id": "10454",
                "name": "Shopping"
            }, {
                "id": "10455",
                "name": "Sports"
            }, {
                "id": "10456",
                "name": "Consumer Electronics"
            }, {
                "id": "10457",
                "name": "Travel"
            }, {
                "id": "16040",
                "name": "test"
            "default_ad_profile_id": 19040,
            "email_code": null,
            "serving_domain": {
                "cname": null,
                "type": null
            "reselling_exposure": "public",
            "reselling_exposed_on": "2011-07-15 20:35:17",
            "last_modified": "2011-11-16 20:51:33",
            "standard_sizes": [{
                "width": "120",
                "height": "600",
                "is_standard": true
            }, {
                "width": "160",
                "height": "600",
                "is_standard": true
            }, {
                "width": "300",
                "height": "250",
                "is_standard": true
            }, {
                "width": "468",
                "height": "60",
                "is_standard": true
            }, {
                "width": "728",
                "height": "90",
                "is_standard": true
            }, {
                "width": "180",
                "height": "150",
                "is_standard": false
            }, {
                "width": "234",
                "height": "600",
                "is_standard": false
            }, {
                "width": "430",
                "height": "600",
                "is_standard": false
            "buyer_credit_limit": 2000,
            "timezone": "EST5EDT",
            "seller_revshare_pct": null,
            "default_country": null,
            "dongle": "DONGLE",
            "platform_exposure": "hidden",
            "contact_email": null,
            "allow_ad_profile_override": true,
            "default_currency": "USD",
            "use_insertion_orders": false,
            "expose_optimization_levers": true,
            "pops_enabled_UI": true,
            "default_accept_supply_partner_usersync": true,
            "default_accept_data_provider_usersync": true,
            "default_accept_demand_partner_usersync": true,
            "short_name": "ANU",
            "expose_eap_ecp_placement_settings": true,
            "daily_imps_verified": null,
            "daily_imps_self_audited": null,
            "daily_imps_unaudited": null,
            "is_iash_compliant": false,
            "deal_types": null,
            "allow_non_cpm_payment": true,
            "default_allow_cpc": true,
            "default_allow_cpa": true,
            "visibility_profile_id": 8,
            "inventory_trust": {
                "default_trust": "appnexus",
                "default_allow_unaudited": false,
                "default_is_banned": false,
                "members": [{
                    "seller_member_id": "181",
                    "trust": "appnexus",
                    "allow_unaudited": false,
                    "is_banned": false
                }, {
                    "seller_member_id": "459",
                    "trust": "appnexus",
                    "allow_unaudited": false,
                    "is_banned": false
            "seller_member_groups": [{
                "display_order": 1,
                "id": 2,
                "last_modified": "2016-01-26 18:23:38",
                "created_on": "2016-01-26 18:23:38",
                "name": "My Seller Group"
            "default_campaign_trust": "appnexus",
            "default_campaign_allow_unaudited": false,
            "contract_allows_unaudited": true,
            "active_contract": {
                "auditing_fee_per_creative": 0,
                "creative_priority_fee_1": 25,
                "creative_priority_fee_2": 25
            "allow_priority_audit": true,
            "enable_mobile_ui": true,
            "contact_info": null,
            "audit_notify_email": null,
            "default_external_audit": false,
            "reporting_decimal_type": "decimal",
            "daily_budget": 500,
            "enable_click_and_imp_trackers": true,
            "plugins_enabled": true,
            "plugins": [{
                "id": "1",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "2",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "3",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "5",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "6",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "7",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "8",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "9",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "10",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "11",
                "status": "installed"
            }, {
                "id": "12",
                "status": "accept_permissions"
        "count": 1,
        "start_element": 0,
        "num_elements": 100

Update your member

$ cat member_mod
    "member": {
        "id": 185,
        "reselling_exposure": "public"
$ curl -b cookies -X PUT -d @member_mod ''
    "response": {