Registration Form service

The Registration Form Service allows you to upload the registration forms required by certain states for political advertising purchased by independent expenditure committees. Creatives won't serve in New Jersey or New York State until the form is uploaded and associated with the appropriate insertion order.


  • PUTand DELETEare not supported for this service. Instead of modifying an existing form, you must upload a new form and then associate the new form with the insertion order.
  • You must record the file-location specified in the response to the uploaded form so that you can associate the form with the appropriate insertion order. There is no way to retrieve this information later. If you did not record the file location and still need to associate the form with an insertion order, you will need to upload a new form.


HTTP Method Endpoint Description
POST uploadFile=@<local_path/local_file_name.pdf
where local_path/local_file_name.pdf is the path and name of the file to be uploaded.
If you do not have access to your local file path because you are calling the API from a browser, you will need to create a FormData object with the variable name uploadFile and upload that.
If you're using JavaScript to create a FormData object, for example, the code should look something like this.
Upload a new registration form.
GET View all registration forms for a member.
GET View a registration form.
To view a registration form, you must know the location to which the file was uploaded. Simply enter the URL in a browser or perform a GET on the URL.

FormData object

savePoliticalFormFile: async (uploadFile) => {
const formData = new FormData();
formData.append('uploadFile', uploadFile);
const response = await
httpPostMultiPart(`${API_URL}/registration-forms/upload`, formData);
return response['location'];

JSON fields

Field Type Description
member_id int The ID of the member.
Required On: POST
file_path int The location to which the file is uploaded. This is returned in the response and cannot be specified when uploading the file.


Upload a registration form and associate the form with an insertion order

Upload a registration form

In this example, NYS_Registration_Form_My_Favorite_Candidate.pdf is the New York State disclosure form for the ad purchase by the independent expenditure committee.

curl -b cookies -X POST -F uploadFile=@/users/myname/NYS_Registration_Form_My_Favorite_Candidate.pdf>

The response includes the following:

    "file-path": ""

Associate the form with an insertion order

In this example, the insertion order used for political advertisements is 5432.

cat io-registration-form.json
  "insertion-order": {
    "registration-forms": [
        "file-path": ""
curl -b cookies -X PUT 

View an uploaded form


Insertion Order Service