RTSS limitations


Beta Notice

  • The Real-Time Signals Service is in Beta, and is subject to change in the future.
  • As we transition to open beta, we will be adding a monthly charge for new and existing clients that use RTSS. For more information, speak to your account manager.

This section describes situations and use cases that don't work well with RTSS.

Target retrievals via segment ID

Currently, there's no way to retrieve all targets associated with a segment. Keep track of all targets uploaded to a segment. Alternatively, you can use the RTSS API service to make GET calls and check whether a single target belongs to a particular segment.


Because of the way RTSS works, exclusion targeting is not a good fit. If there is a cache miss for a specific target that has not come through on an impression yet, RTSS looks in the database to see if this target exists, and then loads it into the cache for the next time it sees that impression. For that initial impression, RTSS will skip adding the anti-target segments, and the anti-target will not work. We do not currently recommend using RTSS in this scenario.