Digital Platform API - Seller Brand Review report

This report provides a view of brand performance across all of your inventory. You can:

  • review what creative has served on your inventory and how it performed.
  • review creative performance by audit status.
  • review client brand category performance across all of your inventory.

The time_granularity of the data is daily. For instructions on retrieving a report, see the Report Service or the Example below.

Time frame

The report_interval field in the JSON request must be set to one of the following:

  • yesterday
  • last_7_days
  • last_30_days
  • month_to_date
  • last_month


To run a report for a custom time frame, set the start_date and end_date fields in your report request. For more details about these fields, see Report Service.

Data retention period

Data retention period for this report is 428 days.


Column Type Filter? Example Description
month time no "2010-02" The month of the auction.
day time no "2010-02-01" The day of the auction.
buyer_member_id int yes 643 The ID of the member that won the auction.
buyer_seat_name string no "My Custom Seat" The display name for the buyer seat code.
buyer_seat_id int yes 123 The ID of the buyer seat.
buyer_seat_code string no "Custom Seat" The Custom Buyer Seat ID (submitted by DSP) which was used to bid on the impression.
bidder int no Deprecated.
bidder_name int no "Microsoft Invest" The name of the bidder.
bidder_id int no 2 The bidder ID of the member.
curator_member_id int yes 10652 The ID of the curator member.
placement_id int yes 546 The ID of the placement.
placement_name string no "300x250 Business" The name of the placement.
placement string no "300x250 Business (546)" Deprecated.
publisher_id int yes 6787 The ID of the publisher.
geo_country string yes "US" The code of the geographical country.
geo_country_name string no "United States" The name of the geographical country.
imp_type string yes "Kept" Deprecated.
imp_type_id int yes 1 The ID for the type of impression. Possible values (associated types in parentheses):
1 ("Blank"): No creative served.
2 ("PSA"): A public service announcement served because there were no valid bids and no default creative was available.
3 ("Default Error"): A default creative served due to a timeout issue.
4 ("Default"): A default creative served because there were no valid bids.
5 ("Kept"): Your advertiser's creative served on your publisher's site.
6 ("Resold"): Your publisher's impression was sold to a third-party buyer.
7 ("RTB"): Your advertiser's creative served on third-party inventory.
8 ("PSA Error"): A public service announcement served due to a timeout issue or lack of a default creative.
9 ("External Impression"): An impression from an impression tracker.
10 ("External Click"): A click from a click tracker.
creative_id int yes 654 The ID of the creative.
site_id int yes 555 The ID of the site. For more information, see the Site Service.
site_name string no "My Site" The name of the site. For more information, see the Site Service.
brand_id int yes 3 The ID of the brand associated with a creative served on the publisher's inventory.
brand_name string no "Ace Hardware" The name of the brand associated with a creative served on the publisher's inventory.
brand string no "Ace Hardware (3)" Deprecated.
payment_type string yes "cpm" The type of payment to the broker.
revenue_type string no "cpm" The way the advertiser has agreed to pay you.
revenue_type_id int yes 4 The ID of the revenue type. Possible values:
-1 = No Payment
0 = Flat CPM
1 = Cost Plus CPM,
2 = Cost Plus Margin
3 = CPC
4 = CPA
5 = Revshare
6 = Flat Fee
7 = Variable CPM
8 = Estimated CPM
width int yes 250 The width of the creative.
height int yes 300 The height of the creative.
site string no "My Site (555)" Deprecated.
publisher_code string no "My Publisher Code" The custom code for the publisher.
site_code string no "Site Name Code" The custom code for the site.
placement_code string no "Photos Code" The custom code for the placement.
buyer_member_name string no "Network" The name of the buying member.
buyer_member string no "Network (567)" Deprecated.
media_type string yes "Banner", "Pop", "Interstitial", "Video", "Text" The general display style of a creative served on the publisher's inventory. You can use the Media Type Service to view the complete list of media types.
mediatype_id int yes 444 The ID of the media type associated with the creative that was served. For more information, see the Media Type Service.
publisher_name string no "LOL - US" The name of the publisher on whose site the impression occurred.
publisher string yes "LOL - US (44389)" Deprecated.
deal_id int yes 2345 The ID of the deal. For more information about deals you have negotiated with buyers, see Deal Service.
deal_name string no "Private deal for buyer 1085 with floor of $2.50" The name of the deal.
deal_type string yes 1 The ID representing the type of deal. Possible values:
1 = Open Auction
2 = Private Auction
4 = Programmatic Guaranteed
5 = Curated Auction
deal string no "Private deal for buyer 1085 with floor of $2.50 (45)" Deprecated.
deal_code string no "Custom code" The custom code for the deal.
brand_offer_category_id int yes 1256 The ID of the brand offer category associated with the impression. See category_id in the Brand Service page.
brand_offer_category_name string no "Luxury Cars" The name of the brand offer category associated with the impression. See category_id in the Brand Service page.
creative_audit_status_id int yes 0 The ID of the audit status of the creative associated with the impression:
0 = unaudited
1 = seller audited only
2 = appnexus audited
creative_audit_status string no "Unaudited" The audit status of the creative associated with the impression:
- "Unaudited"
- "Self Audit Only"
- "AppNexus Audited"
size string yes "728x90" The width and height of the creative associated with the impression.


Column Type Example Formula Description
imps int 34534 imps The total number of impressions (including defaults).
clicks int 345 clicks The total number of clicks across all impressions.
cost money 16.833378 cost The total amount of media cost for direct publisher and purchased real-time inventory.
revenue money 25.767257 booked_revenue + reseller_revenue The sum of booked revenue and reseller revenue.
booked_revenue money 25.767257 booked_revenue The total revenue booked through direct advertisers (line item).
reseller_revenue money 0 reseller_revenue The total revenue on resold impressions through direct publishers.
profit money 970.40 booked_revenue - total_cost Booked revenue minus total cost.
cpm money 1.66051685393258 (cost / imps) x 1000 The cost per 1000 impressions.
total_convs int 5 total_convs The total number of post-view and post-click conversions.
convs_rate double 0.000221877080097626 total_convs / imps The rate of conversions to impressions.
ctr double 0.002327 clicks / imps The rate of clicks to impressions.
rpm money 2.60548314606741 (revenue / imps) x 1000 The revenue per 1000 impressions.
ppm money 0.944966292134831 (profit / imps) x 1000 To be deprecated. The profit per 1000 impressions.
convs_per_mm double 221.877080097625 (total_convs / imps) x 1,000,000 The number of conversions per million impressions.
imps_viewed int 30,450 imps_viewed The number of measured impressions that were viewable, per the IAB Viewability definition, which states that an impression is viewable if 50% of the pixels are in-view during 1 consecutive second.
view_measured_imps int 10,120 view_measured_imps The total number of impressions that were measured for viewability.
view_rate double 58% view_rate The percentage of impressions that were viewable out of the total number of impressions measured for viewability. (Viewed Imps / View Measured Imps)
view_measurement_rate double 45% view_measurement_rate The percentage of impressions measured for viewability out of the total number of impressions. (View Measured Imps / Imps)
total_cost money 123.45 total_cost = media_cost + data_costs + partner_fees + commissions + serving_fees + publisher_revenue The total amount of costs accrued over the reported period of time. This generally includes two types of costs, budgeted costs (media cost, data cost, partner fees, serving fees, commissions) and publisher revenue if you track publisher payouts on the platform.

Note: We have added logic to prevent double counting third-party fees during the breaking change period.
total_cost_ecpm money 123.45 (total_cost/imps) * 1,000 The total cost per 1,000 imps.
total_cost_ecpc money 123.45 total_cost/clicks The total cost per click.
total_cost_ecpa money 123.45 total_cost/conversions The total cost per conversion.
network_profit money 123.45 (booked_revenue + reseller_revenue) - total_cost The sum of booked revenue and reseller revenue minus total cost.
network_profit_ecpm money 123.45 (network_profit/imps) * 1,000 Network profit per 1,000 imps.
network_profit_ecpc money 123.45 network_profit/clicks Network profit per click.
network_profit_ecpa money 123.45 network_profit/conversions Network profit per conversion.
network_profit_margin money 123.45 network_profit/(booked_revenue + reseller_revenue) Network profit margin.
profit_ecpm money 123.45 ((booked_revenue - total_cost)/imps) * 1,000 Profit per 1,000 imps.
profit_ecpc money 123.45 (booked_revenue - total_cost)/clicks Profit per click.
profit_ecpa money 123.45 (booked_revenue - total_cost)/conversions Profit per conversion.
profit_margin money 123.45 (booked_revenue - total_cost)/booked_revenue Buyer profit margin.


Create a JSON report request

The JSON file should include the report_type of "seller_brand_review", as well as the columns (dimensions and metrics) and report_interval that you want to retrieve. You can also filter for specific dimensions, define granularity (year, month, day), and specify the "format" in which the data should be returned (csv, excel, or html). For a full explanation of fields that can be included in the JSON file, see the Report Service.

$ cat seller_brand_review
        "format": "csv",
        "report_interval": "yesterday",
        "row_per": ["geo_country"],
        "columns": ["placement_id","imp_type_id","creative_id","brand_id","geo_country"],
        "report_type": "seller_brand_review"

POST the request to the Report Service

POST the JSON request to get back a report ID.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies -X post -d @seller_brand_review ""

GET the report status from the report service

Make a GET call with the report ID to retrieve the status of the report. Continue making this GET call until the execution_status is "ready". Then use the report-download service to save the report data to a file, as described in the next step.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies ''
    "response": {
        "status": "OK",
        "report": {
            "name": null,
            "created_on": "2014-11-19 22:33:31",
            "json_request": "{\"report\":{\"format\":\"csv\",\"report_interval\":\"yesterday\",\"row_per\":[\"geo_country\"],\"columns\":[\"placement_id\",\"imp_type_id\",\"creative_id\",\"brand_id\",\"geo_country\"],\"report_type\":\"seller_brand_review\",\"filters\":[{\"seller_member_id\":\"958\"}]}}",
            "url": "report-download?id=c445bca183a3d338dc1c5b85a3d484f5"
        "execution_status": "ready"

GET the report data from the report download service

To download the report data to a file, make another GET call with the report ID, but this time to the report-download service. You can find the service and report ID in the url field of the response to your previous GET call. When identifying the file that you want to save to, be sure to use the file extension of the file format that you specified in your initial POST.


If an error occurs during download, the response header will include an HTTP error code and message. Use -i or -v in your call to expose the response header.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies '' > /tmp/seller_brand_review.csv


There is a limit of 100,000 rows per report when you download them as XLSX and Excel file.