Digital Platform API - Seller Fill and Delivery Publisher report

The Seller Fill and Delivery Report was designed as a troubleshooting tool to provide sellers granular information regarding all impressions sent to Xandr for auction and to help diagnose delivery issues all the way down to the tag and domain level. Using the new descriptive fields, it is possible to see an approximation of overall fill rate on Xandr using the “Total Ad Responses" and "Total Ad Requests” metrics.

The data contained in this report will help pinpoint issues contributing to untransacted impressions stemming from:

  • Improper default/passback tag setup
  • Inventory blocklisting related to IP or domain blocking
  • Video player errors, etc.


For video sellers only

As a result of video caching by video players, the Xandr data pipeline allows a six-hour window to register a response from a video player after the auction is complete and the creative VAST XML has been sent to the page, before considering a video impression ‘non-responsive’ (Bid Sent No Response). Xandr will update some counts, for video tags only, six hours after the time of the auction. Therefore, to receive the most accurate view of video counts across dimensions, schedule your reports to run after the six-hour window for a given hour of data.

Diagram that shows the process involved in generating the total ad responses.

Time frame

The report_interval field in the JSON request must be set to one of the following:

  • last_48_hours
  • today
  • yesterday
  • last_7_days
  • last_24_hours
  • last_14_days
  • last_2_days
  • month_to_date
  • quarter_to_date
  • last_month
  • last_available_day
  • last_7_available_days
  • last_14_available_days

The time_granularity of the data is hourly. For instructions on retrieving a report, see the Report Service or the Example below.


To run a report for a custom time frame, set the start_date and end_date fields in your report request. For more details about these fields, see Report Service.

Data retention period

Data retention period for this report is 99 days.


Column Type Filter? Example Description
month date No "2010-02" The month of the auction.
day date No "2010-02-01" The day of the auction.
hour time No "2010-02-01 06:00:00" The hour of the auction.
seller_member_id int Yes 2718 The seller's Xandr member ID.
seller_member_name string No "MegaSeller" The seller's name.
seller_member string No "MegaSeller (2718)" Deprecated (as of October 17, 2016).
placement_id int Yes 737099 The ID of the placement where the impression occurred.
placement_name string No " ROS 728x90" The name of the placement where the impression occurred.
placement string yes "300x250 Business (546)" Deprecated (as of October 17, 2016).
publisher_id int Yes 44389 The ID associated with the publisher on whose site the impression occurred.
publisher_name string No "LOL - US" The name of the publisher on whose site the impression occurred.
publisher string Yes "LOL - US (44389)" Deprecated (as of October 17, 2016).
geo_country string Yes "US" The code of the geographical country.
geo_country_name string No "United States" The name of the geographical country.
site_id int Yes 223936 The ID of the site containing this placement.
site_name string No "Total-Web Email" The name of the site where the impression occurred.
site string No "Total-Web Email (223936)" Deprecated (as of October 17, 2016).
deal_id int Yes 2345 The ID of the deal. For more information about negotiated deals between buyers and sellers, see Deal Service and Deal Buyer Access Service.
deal_name string No "Private deal for buyer 1085 with floor of $2.50" The name of the deal.
deal string No "Private deal for buyer 1085 with floor of $2.50 (45)" Deprecated (as of October 17, 2016).
mobile_application_id string No '343200656' (iOS) or 'com.rovio.angrybirds' (Android) A targetable Apple App Store ID, Google Play package name, or Windows application ID.
site_domain string No "" The domain where the impression occurred. There is one additional value that may appear in place of a domain:
"---": This means that we didn't receive a valid domain as the referrer. For example, the domain may be blank or otherwise malformed.
supply_type string Yes mobile_web The seller-classified channel to denominate supply in terms of web, mobile-optimized web, and mobile app impressions. Possible values are
- 'web'
- 'mobile_app'
- 'mobile_web'
call_type string Yes "/ttj" The type of handler that was used to send the impression to Xandr (e.g., ttj, ut, mob, ptv, openrtb)
allowed_media_types string No Banner, Expandable, Native The media types that are allowed to participate in the auction. The permitted media types is a combination that is enabled through the ad call and placement settings.
openrtb2_request_subdomain string No wrapper-emea The subdomain of the URL that the OpenRTB2 ad request was sent to.
Note: This value is blank for non-OpenRTB2 call types. A blank value in OpenRTB2 indicates no subdomain was used.


Column Type Formula Description
filtered_requests int Ad requests filtered pre-bid by Xandr for inventory quality.
imps_kept int An impression where a managed advertiser's creative serves on a managed publisher's site.
imps_resold int An impression that is resold to a third-party buyer.
defaults int Ad requests where a default creative served because there were no valid bids.
video_player_errors int Errors reported from the video player after the VAST XML has been delivered.
video_default_errors int Errors reported from the video player when a default creative should have served.
bid_sent_no_responses int Ad requests sent from Xandr to external ad servers for a secondary auction that did not result in a win. This metric is most relevant for external sellers where the final auction is outside of Xandr.
default_no_responses int Ad requests where a default creative was sent but no response was received from the end ad server. This could be the result of an error or an alternate default tag was chosen by the final ad server.
psas_or_blanks int The number of blanks or PSAs served.
total_ad_requests int filtered_requests + imps_kept + imps_resold + defaults + video_player_errors + video_default_errors + bid_sent_no_responses + default_no_responses + psas_or_blanks The total number of ad requests sent to Xandr for auction.
total_ad_responses int imps_kept + imps_resold + video_player_errors + bid_sent_no_responses The total number of ad responses counted within Xandr.


Create a JSON formatted report request

The JSON file should include the report_type of "seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher", as well as the columns (dimensions and metrics) and report_interval that you want to retrieve. You can also filter for specific dimensions, define granularity (year, month, day), and specify the "format" in which the data should be returned (csv, excel, or html). For a full explanation of fields that can be included in the JSON file, see the Report Service.

$ cat seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher

        "format": "csv",
        "report_interval": "yesterday",
        "row_per": ["geo_country"],
        "report_type": "seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher"

POST the request to the Report Service

POST the JSON request to get back a report ID.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies -X post -d @seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher ""


GET the report status from the report service

Make a GET call with the report ID to retrieve the status of the report. Continue making this GET call until the execution_status is "ready". Then use the report-download service to save the report data to a file, as described in the next step.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies ''

    "response": {
        "status": "OK",
        "report": {
            "name": null,
            "created_on": "2014-11-19 22:33:31",
            "json_request": "{\"report\":{\"format\":\"csv\",\"report_interval\":\"yesterday\",\"row_per\":[\"geo_country\"],\"columns\":[\"placement_id\",\"imps_kept\",\"total_ad_responses\",\"total_ad_requests\",\"geo_country\"],\"report_type\":\"seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher\",\"filters\":[{\"seller_member_id\":\"958\"}]}}",
            "url": "report-download?id=c445bca183a3d338dc1c5b85a3d484f5"
        "execution_status": "ready"

GET the report data from the report download service

To download the report data to a file, make another GET call with the report ID, but this time to the report-download service. You can find the service and report ID in the url field of the response to your previous GET call. When identifying the file that you want to save to, be sure to use the file extension of the file "format" that you specified in your initial POST.


If an error occurs during download, the response header will include an HTTP error code and message. Use -i or -v in your call to expose the response header.

$ curl -b cookies -c cookies '' > /tmp/seller_fill_and_delivery_publisher.csv


There is a limit of 100,000 rows per report when you download them as XLSX and Excel file.