Streaming server side segmentation - Overview


Alpha-Beta Notice

This field or feature is part of functionality currently in either Alpha or Beta phase. It is therefore subject to change.

The Instant Audience Service is a server-side method that streams user data to the Xandr platform, via the API. This is useful if you have real-time audience remodeling requirements.

Use cases

  • Search or time sensitive retargeting in RTB: As a buyer or DMP, this service is useful if you like to mimic search retargeting capabilities. As a user enters search keywords, you would receive a signal server-side that triggers a server-side association to the segments. Subsequently, the user will then see ads that are relevant to his or her search. This lets you to capitalize on the immediate relevancy of the content for the user. Subsequently, the user will then see ads that are relevant to his or her search.

  • Page performance sensitive targeting: To avoid any page load strain, but still able to conduct retargeting without increasing the pixels present on the page, you will use this service.

  • Alternative real time audience targeting: The Instant Audience Service can also be used for transactional retargeting, where user scores are computed based on off-line data or modeling that only requires an additional trigger to have the user added to a segment that you wish to buy against in real time. A concrete example is, based on Clickstream data, a buyer computes score for a user that has browsed three products in the kitchen category of its site and pushes a segment value to Xandr based on this user score to immediately show them an ad for additional kitchen items.

  • De-targeting users who have converted: This enables you to quickly de-target users who have already converted, in order to use your budget as efficiently as possible.