Microsoft Invest - Create a advertiser pixel for your creatives (third-party)

You can create third-party creative pixels at the advertiser level and then apply these pixels to some or all display creatives under that advertiser.

  1. Navigate to the Advertiser Details screen.

  2. Select 3rd Party Pixels from the Associated Objects menu.

    The Third-party Pixels screen will be displayed.

  3. Click New to create a new third-party pixel.

    The Create New Third-Party Pixel dialog displays.

  4. Enter a name for your pixel.

  5. Click the All Advertiser Creatives button to apply the pixel to all creatives at the advertiser level, or click the Individual Creatives button to apply the pixel to individual creatives.

  6. Click the Serve on Secure Inventory toggle if you want the pixel to serve on secure inventory.

  7. Select the appropriate format from the Type menu and enter the necessary information in the corresponding text boxes.

    If you decided to serve your pixel on secure inventory, you will be prompted to provide a secure link as well as a standard link. For a list of the creative macros that you may want to append to your pixel, see Creative Macros. For example, if you wanted to append the CACHEBUSTER macro to a URL format pixel, you would add the macro to the URL as follows in the image field:${CACHEBUSTER}

  8. Select whether you want the pixel to also serve on Google Ad Manager inventory by doing the following:

    1. Click the AdX toggle.

      To render the pixel on Google Ad Manager inventory, it must be in full compliance with Google Ad Manager creative policies. For more information, see Creative Standards.

    2. Click the AdX requires vendor to be declared to specify that your Google Ad Manager-approved pixel vendor must be declared.

    3. Search and select the necessary vendors using the search field.

      For more information, see Google's list of external vendors that require declaration.

  9. Click Save.

    Once you have saved your pixel, it will have a pending audit status and is generally approved within 24 hours of submission. This will not cause the creative to be re-audited. If the pixel's status is active, then it will attain an approved audit status and begin serving on any creatives that it has been attached to. If the pixel is subsequently found to be associated with malicious activity, any creatives that it has been attached to will be suspended.