Microsoft Invest - Demography targeting


This feature is currently available for selected clients only. If you want this feature to be enabled, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising Account Manager.


If you are advertising in connection with any financial, insurance, education, career and employment, and/or housing services, you may not use individuals’ demographics for the purpose of personalizing advertising, segmenting, or profiling customers.

Occasionally, publishers pass the age or gender of users in the query string of their ad calls. In these cases, you can target users based on this information.


User age and gender are passed for a small portion of impressions. Targeting specific age groups and/or genders will drastically limit reach.

  1. In the Demographics section in the Audience & Location Targeting section of the augmented line item, click the pencil icon next to Demographics.
  2. By default, any age or gender is targeted. For Age, you can narrow your targeting to only specific preset age ranges, or you can define custom age ranges.
  3. For Gender, you can narrow your targeting to one gender or the other.


If you target specific ages or a specific gender, you should consider selecting Allow unknown age or Allow unknown gender as well to avoid severely restricting reach.