Microsoft Invest - Exploring creatives

You can work with creatives from the Creative Manager screen. From there you can view the creatives that are associated to a particular advertiser as well as add and update creatives.

The Creative Manager screen shows all the creatives associated with the selected advertiser. For each creative, the following information is displayed:

  • Name: The name of the creative that was provided on the Create New screen.
  • ID: Unique identifier assigned to the creative.
  • Status: Displays standard creative checks like click test, rendering, etc.
  • Preview: Allows a user to see what the creative looks like. The user can also copy a preview link to easily share the creative preview.
  • Type: Creative type such as video, native, audio, and banner.
  • Creative Properties: The property of the creative. For example: HTML5, Expandable, Interstitial, High Impact, etc.
  • Creative Audit: The audit status of the creative, which may be Platform, No Audit, and Self-Audited.
  • Impressions: Total number of impressions delivered. For video ads, an impression is delivered when the first frame of the video is loaded.
  • Clicks: Total number of clicks.
  • CTR%: Ratio of clicks to impressions (clicks/impressions x 100), expressed as a percentage.
  • VCR%: Ratio of video completions to impressions (video completions/total impressions x 100), expressed as a percentage.
  • Viewability Rate%: The percentage of impressions that were viewable out of the total number of impressions measured for viewability (viewed impressions/view-measured impressions x 100). If the viewability threshold is targeted, the viewability rate is compared to the predicted threshold that is calculated by dividing total views by total impressions.
  • Conversions: Total number of post-view and post-click conversions.
  • Conversion Rate%: Ratio of conversions to impressions (conversions/impressions x 100), expressed as a percentage.
  • Tracking: When adding creatives, you can set a variety of tracking parameters from the Pixels (optional) section, such as frequency and recency caps, third-party tracking pixels, and segment pixels. For more information, see Configuring Tracking for Creatives.
  • Line Item Association: Displays the number of Line items selected.
  • Landing Page: This is the landing page associated to the creative.
  • Size: The pixel size of the creative (in height and width such as 120x600).

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