Microsoft Invest - Grapeshot

Grapeshot (Data Cloud Context Segment Builder from Oracle) accesses the Oracle Data Cloud Context Segment Builder to activate powerful custom or off-the-shelf contextual audiences and brand suitability segments.


Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence is the global leader in contextual advertising solutions, utilized by hundreds of advertising agencies and publishers, and thousands of brands to power brand safety and targeting across billions of advertising impressions every month. Our technology enables a robust advertising targeting solution that serves the needs of modern marketers, reaching desired audiences by ensuring relevant content adjacency and protecting brands from appearing in inappropriate environments. With scale, speed and accuracy that is best in class, Oracle Contextual Intelligence is the most capable and trusted contextual advertising platform available.

Contact information

For support in requesting access to the Segment Builder app, contact


This app has permission to access the folllowing Microsoft Advertising API services and fields for your account.

Name Read Create Edit Delete
Advertiser All No No No
Campaign All No No No
Creative All No No No
Deal All All All No
Insertion-order All No No No
Line-item All No No No
Profile All All All No
Report All All All No
Report-download All No No No
Template All No No No
User All No No No