Modeled audiences


This feature is currently in Beta. It is still under development and may be subjected to changes without notice. To enable this feature, contact your Microsoft Advertising Account Representative.

Modeled Audience is a feature available for Microsoft Invest that allows advertisers to take their first-party segments and expand them to similar users for targeting. Modeled Audiences uses Microsoft first-party data and advanced machine learning techniques to create new audience segments with similar characteristics and behaviors as users in your first-party segments.

Set up a modeled audience

  1. In the Microsoft Invest UI, select the line item for your advertiser.

  2. Click Edit and select the Audience & Location Targeting option on the left pane.

  3. An Audience and Location Segments panel is displayed on the right. Now, click on Create Modeled Audience from the targeting model.

  4. Select a Seed Segment from the dropdown menu.


    Only eligible seed segments are shown in the dropdown menu.

  5. Select one of the Segment Reach options for the modeled segment:

    • More Precise: Includes approximately the top one-third (1/3) of the users in the modeled segment.
    • Balanced: Includes approximately the top two-thirds (2/3) of the users in the modeled segment.
    • More Reach: Includes all the users in the modeled segment.
  6. Click on Save Modeled Segment to save your modeled segment. The newly generated segment model will be available within the next 48-72 hours, along with its estimated size.


Beta release restrictions:

  • A modeled audience can only be created and edited in the line item view.
  • Modeled audiences are not supported for data marketplace or third-party segments.
  • Only one segment can be used as the seed for a modeled audience.
  • The seed segment must be an advertiser-owned first-party segment.
  • The start date of the line items are used to determine when to start modeling.