Microsoft Invest - Optimization guide (ALI)

Augmented Line Item (ALI) optimization uses sophisticated algorithms to achieve your advertising goals as efficiently as possible, minimizing your time investment and maximizing return on ad spend. You tell us your business model and what you're trying to achieve and, with that information, we adjust our algorithms and back-end behaviors to achieve the desired outcome. Specifically, our optimization automatically manages pacing, budget allocation, inventory discovery, inventory valuation, and other tasks that software has the ability to do better than humans.

In this guide

Adaptive Pacing: Shade bids and deliver budgets as efficiently as possible.

Lifetime Pacing: Automatically distribute a budget over the lifespan of a line item's flight utilizing Microsoft Advertising's algorithm.

Discovery: Prioritize the inventory that is most likely to perform.

Valuation: Determine how much to bid.

Ways to Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) Performance: Improve your line item's CTR performance, even after setting a CTR optimization goal.