Microsoft Invest - Reporting on Guaranteed Outcomes

Throughout Microsoft Invest reporting, transaction data from Guaranteed Outcomes is identifiable by the underlying Clearing Event associated with the type of outcome purchased. For the list of supported Clearing Events, see Supported Viewability Standards for Guaranteed Outcomes and Supported Video Completion Standards.

Network and Video Analytics reports

Currently available in the Network and Video Analytics Reports, the column Clearing Event is available as both a Filter and a Dimension. The following metrics are available.

Clearing Event Name ID Viewability Definition Media Type Measurement Technology Vendor
Views - Standard Display 2 IAB (50% of pixels in-view for 1 continuous second) Display/Banner Microsoft Advertising
Views - Custom Display - 100pv1s 6 100% of pixels in-view for 1 continuous second Display/Banner Microsoft Advertising
Views - Standard Video 8 IAB (50% of pixels in-view for 2 continuous seconds) Video Microsoft Advertising
Views - Custom Video - 100pv50pd 9 100% of pixel in-view for 50% of the duration of the video with audio on Video Microsoft Advertising
Metric Description
Clearing Event Units The total number of events that were purchased, for the associated Clearing Event.
Clearing Event Booked Revenue eCPM The total revenue per 1000 events, for the associated Clearing Event.
Clearing Event Buyer Media Cost eCPM The total media cost per 1000 events, for the associated Clearing Event.

The Clearing Event data in Microsoft Invest analytics reporting is available as of September 20th, 2017. For report data before this date, the Clearing Event column will display "-", and the metrics will all report zero. Note that in reporting on Standard Line Items (non-ALI), the Clearing Event dimension is also displayed as "-".


To eliminate the noise of other impression types in reporting, use the report filters to select Impression Type=RTB. This configuration ensures the report will only be generated for RTB impressions (the only impression type eligible for Guaranteed Outcomes)

Billing report

Data for Guaranteed Views activity are similarly available in the Buyer Billing Report. For more information, see the report documentation, as well as the related Understanding Your Invoice documentation.