Microsoft Invest - Select an audit option for a creative

When adding creatives, you can specify if you want to audit your own creatives or have Microsoft Advertising audit them. An unaudited creative can only run on your managed publishers. Unaudited creatives aren't eligible to run on third-party inventory unless the seller specifically allows it.

Select one of the following audit options from the Creative Quality section:

  • Platform Audit: Select this option to submit the creative for auditing by the Microsoft Advertising Audit team and perform the following:

    • Select a priority.


      Business days are from 9:00pm Sunday to 11:59pm Friday ET.

      Microsoft Advertising charges a fee for each audited creative. Creatives are audited in the order that they are received with a target completion time of one business day from the submission time. Priority audits, which are available for an additional fee, are completed within two business hours. The priority table below lists the fee charged for audits conducted for different time durations.

      Priority Fee Description
      Regular one day audit $1 USD Fee charged for 1 Day Audit
      Priority audit $25 USD Fee charged for 2 Hour Audit
    • Enter a desktop compatible URL in the Brand URL text field.


      The Brand URL should contain the same branding that is represented on your CTV, OTT, or mobile creative. The Audit team will use the URL to validate the branding represented on the creative.

    • Select the language that is used in the creative such as French, German, or Chinese.


      Modifying the selected language will cause the creative to be resubmitted for audit.

  • Self Audit: Select this option to classify the creative on your own. For further guidance on self-auditing, see Self-Auditing Creatives.


    Self-auditing may reduce access to inventory outside of your network since many sellers only allow Microsoft Advertising audited creatives.

    Set any one of the following creative attributes:

    • Brand: This lets other sellers on the platform know what brands this creative is associated with in the system.
    • Offer Categories: This lets sellers know the offer category such as Education or Employment.
    • Language: The language used in the creative such as French, German, or Chinese.
    • Technical Attributes: It describes the features associated with the creative, such as whether it is a video.
    • Sensitive Attributes: These are often banned by publishers.


    The Compliance must be confirmed for self audited creatives.

  • No Audit: Select this option if you do not want the creative to be audited.


    When selecting No Audit, this may result in the creative serving less frequently, as publishers might choose to block it.

For a full description of the Microsoft Advertising auditing process and the content standards for creatives running on the Microsoft Advertising platform, see Auditing Creatives and Creative Standards. Regardless of your audit selection, the Microsoft Advertising Sherlock technology checks all creatives for overt malvertising threats and suspicious behavior.