Microsoft Invest - Set up a combined segment and conversion pixel

Do you have an advertiser that only accepts one conversion event per user or only one conversion event per user every X minutes/hours/days? If so, you should be using segment targeting to exclude converters and increase ROI. You can create a combined Segment and Conversion pixel, so you only have to give your advertiser a single pixel to put on their conversion page.


Let's say you want to run a remarketing campaign where I only show impressions to users that are in my "Auto Intenders" segment. In this use case, your advertiser only allows one conversion per user.


There are two possible approaches. Once a user has converted, you can either:

  1. Add them to a "Converters" segment and exclude that segment in your targeting.
  2. Remove them from the "Auto Intenders" segment that you're targeting.

Generally, it is recommended that you use the first approach for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you're constantly adding new users to your "Auto Intenders" segment, you could end up re-adding a converted user.
  2. If multiple advertisers are using your "Auto Intenders" segment, you end up removing users that didn't convert for every advertiser and delete valuable data.


For this scenario, you need to create the following:

  • Auto Intenders Segment Pixel
  • Converters Segment Pixel with no expiration
    • If your advertiser allowed conversions every X minutes/hours/days, you would simply set that as my expiration window on your Converters segment pixel
    • Conversion Pixel

When you export conversion pixels, you can use the Advanced Options section to create a combined Segment and Conversion Pixel. The pixel tag that Microsoft Invest generates looks like the following:

Screenshot of a generated pixel tag by Microsoft Invest.

The above pixel tag will record conversion events as well as add the converting user to segment ID 45962.

The final step is to set segment targeting in your line item so that the "Auto Intenders" segment is included and the "Converters" segments is excluded.