Microsoft Invest - Use segment targeting with a split

You can target splits based on segment presence/absence, age, or value.


A segment value of zero (0) is supported.

  1. In the Splits table, click the pencil icon in the Segment column for the corresponding split.

    If you don't see the Segment column in Splits table, select the Segments checkbox from the Audience section within the Select Targeting menu.

    The Edit Split pane opens with the Targeting tab selected by default.

  2. In the Segments section, select and or leave or selected.

  3. Enter the segment ID in the search field, or select a segment from the menu that appears.

  4. Select include Screenshot of Include indicator. or exclude Screenshot of Exclude indicator. .

  5. Click outside the search field to exit the segment grouping.

  6. Click the pencil icon to edit the segment's presence/absence, age, or value.

  7. Click Add Another Group to add another segment grouping.

  8. To change the relationship between segment groups, click outside the group and select and or or.


    If splits belong to a retargeting line item, at least one retargeting segment (a segment not in the Data Marketplace) must be targeted at the line item level as well as the split level.