Add targeting parameters on iOS

User location

In this snippet, we create an ANLocation object and set its latitude and longitude. We also set the horizontal accuracy, which is the size of one side of the "rectangle" inside which the user is located. Finally, we set the ad view's location property to our ANLocation object.

// The ANLocation object is built from the properties of the 
// `CLLocation` object.
CLLocation *location = [locationManager location];
ANLocation *an_loc = [[ANLocation alloc] init];
an_loc.latitude = location.coordinate.latitude;
an_loc.longitude = location.coordinate.longitude;
an_loc.horizontalAccuracy = location.horizontal_accuracy;

// Set the ANLocation for the banner ad view.
banner.location = an_loc;


Developers should ensure adequate consent is obtained before sharing location information. Developers can control whether location is collected and sent by the SDK.

By default, the iOS SDK does not automatically send location information. In order for the SDK to use location information for ad targeting, the app developer must explicitly pass the location information to the SDK.

Age and gender

Age and gender can be added to the banner ad view directly as shown below. Note that age is an NSString, and can contain a numeric age, a birth year, or a hyphenated age range. For example, it could be "56", "1974", or "25-35".

banner.age = @"42";
banner.gender = FEMALE;