Get Facebook demand for native on iOS

This document describes the process for retrieving native ad assets to display in Facebook's Audience Network SDK.


This SDK requires Xcode version 15.0 or higher and your app should target iOS version 12.0 or higher.

Ensure that the proper SDKs are installed

The Xandr SDK and Xandr-FAN-Demand Package will need to be installed. Use CocoaPods.

Once you have CocoaPods installed.

  1. Use Terminal or your command line editor of choice and navigate to the project directory and create a podfile.

    pod init
  2. Using a text editor, open the newly created podfile. Set the platform to 12.0 (AppNexus always supports two iOS releases back from the current release) and add pod 'AppNexusSDX' to the target.

    # iOS: Podfile config to include our SDK
    platform :ios, '12.0'
    project 'SampleApp'
    target 'SampleApp' do
      pod 'AppNexusSDK'
      pod 'AppNexusSDK/FacebookCSRAdapter'
  3. Save your changes and return to Terminal and enter:

    pod install
  4. Cocoapods will download both the AppNexus SDK and FacebookCRSAdapter and also create a workspace in the project directory. If your project is currently open, close it and open the workspace.

Initialize Facebook's Audience Network SDK

Early in the lifecycle of your app, initialize Facebook's Audience Network SDK (FBAudienceNetworkAds) as shown in the code-block below.

  completionHandler:^(FBAdInitResults *results) {
         if (results.success) {
             [ANFBSettings setFBAudienceNetworkInitialize:YES];
         } else {
             [ANFBSettings setFBAudienceNetworkInitialize:NO];

On successful initialization of FBAudienceNetworkAdssetFBAudienceNetworkInitialize is set to YES, otherwise it is set as NO. If the value is set as YES i.e. Audience Network SDK is initialized, getBidderToken method of Audience Network SDK would return the Facebook Bidder Token to proceed further. For values set as NOgetBidderToken method will return nil.

Starting with iOS 14, Publisher App need to set a new API setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled  to fulfil the iOS policy obligations for using the Audience Network SDK. A new API setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled was added to FBAdSettings that is functional on only iOS 14 (and later) with FacebookAd SDK 6.0.0.

// Set the flag as true if a user provides consent
 [FBAdSettings setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled:YES];
 // Set the flag as false if a user disallows tracking
 [FBAdSettings setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled:NO];

Create native ad request and load ad


Retain a reference to the request until a response has been returned.

self.nativeAdRequest= [[ANNativeAdRequest alloc] init];
self.nativeAdRequest.placementId = @"18793423";
self.nativeAdRequest.delegate = self;
[self.nativeAdRequest loadAd];

Handle response for FBNativeBanner

Create a layout for FBNativeBanner. You can follow the example provided by Facebook.

If a successful response is returned:

- (void)adRequest:(ANNativeAdRequest *)request didReceiveResponse:(ANNativeAdResponse *)response {
    // (code which loads the view)
    self.nativeAdResponse = response;
    self.adTitleLabel.text = self.nativeAdResponse.title;
    self.bodyLabel.text = self.nativeAdResponse.body;
    self.adSponsoredLabel.text = self.nativeAdResponse.sponsoredBy;
     if(self.nativeAdResponse.customElements[kANNativeCSRObject] && self.nativeAdResponse.customElements[kANNativeCSRObject] isKindOfClass:[ANAdAdapterCSRNativeBannerFacebook class]) {
        ANAdAdapterCSRNativeBannerFacebook *fbNativeBanner = (ANAdAdapterCSRNativeBannerFacebook *)response.customElements[kANNativeCSRObject];
        // CSR registerViewForTracking (see example below)
    }else {
        //  Non CSR registerViewForTracking
            //  See native ad examples here:

On a response error:

- (void)adRequest:(ANNativeAdRequest *)request didFailToLoadWithError:(NSError *)error withAdResponseInfo:(ANAdResponseInfo *)adResponseInfo{

Register the view for tracking

Call the registerViewForTracking method of the ANAdAdapterCSRNativeBannerFacebook object.

For MediaView with clickableViews

/*registerViewForTracking using MediaView with Click Tracker */
[fbNativeBanner registerViewForTracking:self.adUIView

For MediaView with no clickableViews

/*registerViewForTracking using MediaView without Click Tracker */
[fbNativeBanner registerViewForTracking:self.adUIView

For ImageView with clickableViews (no MediaView)

/* registerViewForTracking using Image View with Click Tracker */
  [fbNativeBanner registerViewForTracking:self.adUIView

For ImageView with no clickableViews (no MediaView)

/*registerViewForTracking using Image View without Click Tracker */
[fbNativeBanner registerViewForTracking:self.adUIView

Unregister the view

When the ad is finished being displayed, the view must be unregistered.

self.nativeAdResponse = nil; // It will handle ad unregister views