Set AAID usage for Android


The Google Advertising ID (AAID) for devices is an Android provided id to track the users for advertising purposes by the publishers who have an app on the Google Play Store (post getting consent from the users to do that). An API is introduced in Xandr mobile SDK to enable or disable AAID usage by including or excluding the AAID field in the ad request. By default, the value is set as false for including the AAID field in the AdRequests.

Property Type Attribute Description
isAAIDUsageDisabled boolean read To get current status of disableAAIDUsage.
disableAAIDUsage boolean write To enable/disable the disableAAIDUsage. Default value is false.

Code sample

    *  An AppNexus disableAAIDUsage is a boolean value, which exclude the AAID field in ad request.
    *  Default value of disableAAIDUsage is set to false
   public static boolean isAAIDUsageDisabled()
    * Sets true to exclude the AAID field in ad request else false.
    * @param disable whether to disable AAIDUsage or not. default is false
   public static void disableAAIDUsage(boolean disable)


// To Set the disableAAIDUsage
// To Get the disableAAIDUsage status