Automatic archiving of Buy-Side objects

Microsoft Advertising automatically archives campaigns that have been identified as "stale" or unused. Archiving reduces the overhead of managing older campaigns and makes it easier to stay below your object limits. It also releases system resources that Microsoft Advertising can use to drive better results for your active campaigns.


This feature is only enabled for campaigns using the standard line item.

Archived campaigns can:

  • Be viewed in Monetize and in Reporting
  • Be clearly distinguished from active campaigns in both UI and API
  • Be duplicated
  • Be sorted by their "archived" status

Archived campaigns cannot:

  • Serve
  • Be edited
  • Be counted against object limits

Archiving criteria

A campaign is archived if:

  • It has not served in 180 days
  • It was created or last edited at least 180 days in the past
  • It is not in flight
  • It does not have a flight date scheduled in the future

Action required by clients

None. Your stale objects are automatically archived. Archived objects appear in the UI and their status is prominently marked. In the API, you can sort them using a flag (see Technical Notes below for more detail).

Preventing an object from being archived

To prevent a campaign from being archived, edit it to extend the last edit date. You can also set a flight date that occurs in the future.

Technical notes for API clients

The following fields have been added to the Campaign Service:

  • is_archived (boolean) - indicates whether the object has been archived
  • archived_on (timestamp) - when the object was archived

The only method allowed on objects with is_archived set to true is DELETE.