Microsoft Monetize - Best practices for buying Google Ad Manager inventory

This page provides recommendations for maximum ad campaign success when targeting Google Ad Manager inventory.


The following are general guidelines to target inventory:

  • Create a separate line item or campaign targeting Google Ad Manager(181). This is recommended, but not required.
  • Make sure to turn off all inventory quality settings by setting your Inventory Quality Targeting to Serve on any inventory.
  • The VAST tag must include the following formats since Google Ad Manager can request any of them on a bid request:
    • H.264 (MP4)
    • FlashVideo (FLV)
    • WebM
  • The skip offset must be 5 seconds, otherwise the bid will be filtered out in Google Ad Manager's auction.

Creative guidelines

The following are guidelines specific to creative standards required for Google Ad Manager:

  • Must be SSL compliant. Serving on secure inventory is selected by default. Do NOT make any changes to the setting when you are creating a new creative.

  • Click the Run Check button to have our VAST check scan your XML document. For more details, see VAST Check.

    For more information about adding in-stream video creatives, see Add a Creative and Upload a Hosted Video Creative.

Campaign targeting

  • Category targeting is possible for video, but it is not reflected in reporting.

  • You can target Google Ad Manager inventory by position, but it is NOT recommended. In the Video section under Targeting, leave the default Any position selected.

    For more information about video targeting, see Video Targeting. (For Deals targeting, see Video Player Targeting)