Configuring a native assembly

Monetize Ad Server and third-party ad server publishers can configure native assemblies by selecting various creative asset specifications directly from the UI or creating custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You must associate all native assemblies to a placement in order for them to go live.

To configure a native assembly:

  1. Navigate to the Native Assembly Gallery: You can select from a variety of pre-configured native assemblies or create your own directly from the Native Assembly Gallery.

  2. Create a Native Assembly: You can modify native assemblies that contain pre-configured native creative asset specifications or create your own from scratch.


    For the best Microsoft Advertising marketplace performance, third-party ad server publishers should refrain from adding video assets and any custom native assets to their native assemblies.

  3. Native Assembly Renderer Best Practices: The Renderer tab stores the HTML, CSS, and Javascript code associated with the native assembly. Any changes made on the Renderer tab will automatically be reflected in the Preview window.

  4. Native Assembly Object Placeholders: You can add a variety of standard and custom data and image object placeholders to the HTML text box within the Renderer tab for your native assemblies.

  5. Native Creative Asset Specifications: You can configure a variety of standard and custom data and image specifications for your native creatives and assemblies.

  6. If you're a third-party ad server publisher, enable Native Assembly for the server side for the appropriate placements.By enabling Native Assembly for the server side, you can make native inventory more accessible to buyers. For more information, see Enable Native Assembly for the Server Side.

Native Assembly