Microsoft Monetize - Geo radius segments


Access to the geo radius segment targeting feature requires additional roles and permissions. Contact your Microsoft Advertising account representative for more information.

A geo radius segment is a list of latitude, longitude, and radius data. You can use geo radius segments for geographical targeting of multiple user locations. When you create a geo radius segment, you add latitude, longitude, and radius data either manually (copy and paste) or by importing a file. Once the geo radius segment is created, these locations are easily targetable on your line item using the segment ID (see Segment Targeting for more information).


Approximately 30% of impressions received contain location data that you can target with geo radius segments.


There is a maximum limit of 10k geo radius segments per member.

Creating a geo radius segment

There are five steps to creating a geo radius segment:

Step 1. Get started

Open the Location Manager page and click New to open the Create Geo Radius Segment dialog.

Step 2. Create a new geo radius segment

Fill in the following fields:

Name Description Required/Optional
Name Name for geo radius segment Required
Code User-defined code for calling the geo radius segment, e.g. GEO123 Optional
Description Description of geo radius segment Optional

Click Next.

Step 3. Choose the method to add geo radius segment features

Copy and paste

  1. Enter the following information, separated by commas:

    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Radius (in meters: 3m to 100000m)


    The radius needs to be whole number.

    • Name (optional name for this feature)

    Separate each group by entering a hard return. For example:

    40.741624,-73.990991,10,Feature One  
  2. Click Validate Input Formatting to ensure that the information is in the correct format. If the information is in the correct format, the Next button is enabled.

  3. Click Next.

Import from file

  1. Browse your computer and select the .csv file to upload. Ensure that the first row of the .csv file includes the following headers with corresponding values listed in rows underneath:

    lat | long | radius_meters | name 

    For example:

    40.741624,-73.990991,10,Feature One  
  2. Click Next.

Step 4. Review geo radius segment features and create geo radius segment

Review the Related Geo Features of the geo radius segment. Click Create Geo Radius Segment to finish creating the geo radius segment.

Step 5. Note the segment ID for use in line item targeting

When a new geo radius segment is created, it is automatically assigned a segment ID. Use this segment ID (or the geo radius segment name) to locate the segments when configuring targeting for line items. See Segment Targeting for more information on using the segment IDs assigned to geo radius segments for targeting.


Within 365 days of being created, geo radius segments must be refreshed or updated since their maximum Time-To-Live (TTL) is 365 days. If a segment is not refreshed, it will become inactive and unusable for targeting. You can refresh segments by adding new or existing latitudes and longitudes.