Microsoft Monetize - Mobile carrier codes

In order to debug mobile auctions effectively, you will have to spoof the carrier parameter in a debug auction on our Mobile Ad Call Reference. This will simulate that an impression is coming from a certain telecommunications carrier.

The following table provides a list of carrier codes sorted by country for your convenience.

Code Name
carrier-252 2degrees-NZ
carrier-153 3-AT
carrier-150 3-AU
carrier-185 3-DK
carrier-208 3-HK
carrier-227 3-ID
carrier-342 3-IE
carrier-121 3-IT
carrier-294 3-SE
carrier-154 A1-AT
carrier-365 Aircel-IN
carrier-218 Airtel-IN
carrier-302 AIS-TH
carrier-279 Al Jawal-SA
carrier-323 Ancel-UY
carrier-345 AsiaCell-IQ
carrier-60 AT&T-US
carrier-307 Avea-TR
carrier-228 Axis-ID
carrier-346 Azercell-AZ
carrier-347 Bakcel-IQ
carrier-159 BASE-BE
carrier-156 Batelco-BH
carrier-327 Beeline-VN
carrier-166 Bell Canada-CA
carrier-198 Bouygues Telecom-FR
carrier-221 BSNL-IN
carrier-320 C Spire-US
carrier-260 Cable & Wireless-PA
carrier-244 Celcom-MY
carrier-140 Cell C-ZA
carrier-230 Cellcom-IL
carrier-172 China Mobile-CN
carrier-337 China Mobile-HK
carrier-173 China Telecom-CN
carrier-146 Claro-AR
carrier-161 Claro-BR
carrier-170 Claro-CL
carrier-187 Claro-DO
carrier-206 Claro-GT
carrier-339 Claro-PA
carrier-261 Claro-PE
carrier-175 Comcel-CO
carrier-203 Cosmote-GR
carrier-317 Cricket Communications-US
carrier-357 Dialog-LK
carrier-243 DiGi-MY
carrier-334 Digitel-VE
carrier-217 Dishnet Wireless-IN
carrier-193 DNA-FI
carrier-305 dtac-TH
carrier-313 du-AE
carrier-201 E-Plus-DE
carrier-341 Eircom-IE
carrier-169 Entel-CL
carrier-268 Eranet-PL
carrier-312 Etisalat-AE
carrier-192 Etisalat-EG
carrier-331 Far EasTone-TW
carrier-197 Free Mobile-FR
carrier-255 Glo Mobile-NG
carrier-264 Globe-PH
carrier-233 Golan Telecom-IL
carrier-303 Hutch-TH
carrier-178 ICE-CR
carrier-219 IDEA-IN
carrier-226 Indosat-ID
carrier-359 ISP:BT-GB
carrier-360 ISP:Sky-GB
carrier-361 ISP:TalkTalk-GB
carrier-362 ISP:VirginMedia-GB
carrier-247 Iusacell-MX
carrier-237 KDDI/au-JP
carrier-250 KPN-NL
carrier-328 KT-KR
carrier-308 Kyivstar-UA
carrier-329 LG Telecom-KR
carrier-311 life -UA
carrier-332 Long Distance & Mobile Business Group-TW
carrier-283 M1-SG
carrier-245 Maxis-MY
carrier-276 MegaFon-RU
carrier-215 Meteor-IE
carrier-318 Metro PCS-US
carrier-232 Mirs-IL
carrier-324 MobiFone-VN
carrier-275 Mobile Telesystems Ojsc-RU
carrier-164 Mobilicity-CA
carrier-280 Mobily-SA
carrier-190 Mobinil-EG
carrier-158 Mobistar-BE
carrier-285 Mobitel-SI
carrier-335 Movilnet-VE
carrier-147 movistar-AR
carrier-171 movistar-CL
carrier-177 movistar-CO
carrier-189 movistar-EC
carrier-207 movistar-GT
carrier-249 movistar-MX
carrier-340 movistar-PA
carrier-263 movistar-PE
carrier-336 movistar-VE
carrier-254 MTN-NG
carrier-137 MTN-ZA
carrier-222 MTNL-IN
carrier-167 MTS-CA
carrier-310 MTS-UA
carrier-259 NetCom-NO
carrier-248 Nextel-MX
carrier-262 Nextel-PE
carrier-319 Nextel-US
carrier-351 Nowras-OM
carrier-235 NTT DoCoMo-JP
carrier-181 O2-CZ
carrier-202 O2-DE
carrier-314 O2-GB
carrier-216 O2-IE
carrier-163 Oi-BR
carrier-350 Oman Mobile-OM
carrier-271 Optimus-PT
carrier-148 Optus Mobile-AU
carrier-152 Orange-AT
carrier-298 Orange-CH
carrier-186 Orange-DO
carrier-290 Orange-ES
carrier-31 Orange-FR
carrier-32 Orange-GB
carrier-234 Orange-IL
carrier-364 Orange-JO
carrier-239 Orange-KE
carrier-212 Pannon-HU
carrier-209 PCCW Mobile-HK
carrier-231 Pelephone-IL
carrier-145 Personal-AR
carrier-267 PKT Centertel (Orange)-PL
carrier-266 Plus-PL
carrier-188 Porta-EC
carrier-269 Project 4-PL
carrier-157 Proximus-BE
carrier-273 Qtel-QA
carrier-352 Qtel-QA
carrier-194 Radiolinja-FI
carrier-220 Reliance-IN
carrier-165 Rogers-CA
carrier-238 Safaricom-KE
carrier-196 SFR-FR
carrier-343 Si.mobil-SI
carrier-282 SingTel-SG
carrier-330 SK Telecom-KR
carrier-265 Smart-PH
carrier-210 SmarTone-HK
carrier-183 SONOFON-DK
carrier-26 Sprint-US
carrier-256 Starcomms-NG
carrier-284 StarHub-SG
carrier-297 Sunrise-CH
carrier-296 Swisscom-CH
carrier-151 T-Mobile-AT
carrier-179 T-Mobile-CZ
carrier-199 T-Mobile-DE
carrier-46 T-Mobile-GB
carrier-213 T-Mobile-HU
carrier-53 T-Mobile-NL
carrier-55 T-Mobile-US
carrier-333 Taiwan Mobile-TW
carrier-223 TATA DOCOMO-IN
carrier-182 TDC-DK
carrier-246 Telcel-MX
carrier-338 Tele 2-NL
carrier-277 Tele 2-RU
carrier-293 Tele 2-SE
carrier-139 Telecom Italia-IT
carrier-253 Telecom Xtra-NZ
carrier-289 Telefonica-ES
carrier-258 Telenor-NO
carrier-184 Telia-DK
carrier-292 Telia-SE
carrier-225 Telkomsel-ID
carrier-141 Telstra-AU
carrier-111 Telus-CA
carrier-316 Three mobile-GB
carrier-176 Tigo-CO
carrier-160 TIM-BR
carrier-358 Time Warner-US
carrier-272 TMN-PT
carrier-304 True Move-TH
carrier-195 TS Finland DataNet-FI
carrier-306 Turkcell-TR
carrier-286 Tusmobil-SI
carrier-353 Umniah-JO
carrier-174 UNICOM-CN
carrier-309 Utel-UA
carrier-14 Verizon-US
carrier-326 Vietel-VN
carrier-278 VimpelCom-RU
carrier-325 Vinaphone-VN
carrier-321 Virgin Mobile US-US
carrier-344 Virgin mobile-GB
carrier-257 Visafone-NG
carrier-354 Viva-BH
carrier-241 Viva-KW
carrier-162 Vivo-BR
carrier-300 VodaCom-TZ
carrier-287 VodaCom-ZA
carrier-149 Vodafone-AU
carrier-180 Vodafone-CZ
carrier-200 Vodafone-DE
carrier-191 Vodafone-EG
carrier-288 Vodafone-ES
carrier-315 Vodafone-GB
carrier-363 Vodafone-GH
carrier-204 Vodafone-GR
carrier-211 Vodafone-HU
carrier-214 Vodafone-IE
carrier-224 Vodafone-IN
carrier-80 Vodafone-IT
carrier-236 Vodafone-JP
carrier-83 Vodafone-NL
carrier-251 Vodafone-NZ
carrier-270 Vodafone-PT
carrier-274 Vodafone-QA
carrier-295 Vodafone-SE
carrier-89 Vodafone-TR
carrier-240 Wataniya-KW
carrier-355 Wataniya-KW
carrier-322 WDSPCO-US
carrier-168 WIND-CA
carrier-205 Wind-GR
carrier-131 WIND-IT
carrier-229 XL-ID
carrier-291 Yoigo-ES
carrier-155 Zain-BH
carrier-356 Zain-IQ
carrier-349 Zain-JO
carrier-242 Zain-KW
carrier-281 Zain-SA
carrier-301 Zain-TZ
carrier-299 Zantel-TZ

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