Microsoft Monetize - Reporting (mobile-specific)

Microsoft Advertising has created several reports that let you focus on mobile-specific data. For more information, see the reports below.


We've written this document to make it easier to find reports focused on mobile. All these reports are located in the Reporting Guide, so don't forget to look there as well.

  • Device Analytics Report
    Retrieve performance data based on mobile device. This is especially important for buyers working with in-app advertisers who traffic creatives that encourage app installation and who therefore want confirmation that their creatives are targeting devices compatible with their apps.
  • Carrier Analytics Report
    Retrieve performance data based on mobile carrier and connection type. This report helps buyers analyze how carriers affect line item or campaign performance and advertiser payment. Also, in cases where advertisers set up specific landing pages for each carrier, this report helps you identify the carriers that a line item or campaign ran on.
  • Network Site Domain Performance Report
    Retrieve performance data based on domain or mobile application across all of your advertisers. This report helps buyers identify high-performing mobile inventory and optimize their targeting.

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