Microsoft Monetize - Negotiate deals with sellers

Microsoft Advertising Buyers can negotiate custom deals with sellers to obtain:

  • Preferential pricing on inventory
  • Access to exclusive inventory
  • Reduced competition on inventory
  • Other opportunities

This page explains how to negotiate and set up deals with sellers and external supply partners.

Deals with sellers

As a buyer, the best way to find deals is to browse seller packages, which are pre-made combinations of inventory and/or data that can be immediately converted into deals or can be used as a jumping-off point for custom deal negotiations. For more details, see Get Deals from Seller Packages.

Deals with external supply partners

At this time, Microsoft Advertising supports deals with the following external supply partners:

  • AOL One Display
  • Google Ad Manager
  • ONE by AOL Mobile Marketplace
  • Pubmatic
  • Rubicon
  • SpotX
  • StickyADS
  • Teads TV
  • Yahoo Ad Exchange

You must negotiate deals with these supply partners offline and save them in the partner's deal portal. Microsoft Advertising will then automatically synchronize the deals with our system; they should be available for purchase within a few hours of creation. Please note that Microsoft Advertising employees cannot explain these external supply partner's auction mechanics or deal types. To learn about auction mechanics for deals with sellers, see Deal Auction Mechanics.


Each deal ID can be associated only with a single buyer. Enter one buyer member when setting up a deal in the external supply partner's system. If multiple members are entered, Microsoft Advertising will map the deal only to the first buyer member.