Quickstart guide: Set up outstream video


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You can view a demo of Microsoft Advertising Outstream Video (with multiple placements) at https://video-demo.adnxs.net/samples/outstream.html.

Microsoft Advertising Outstream Video offers the capability to insert a smart player into your page content that will expand when the container is in view and, depending on its configuration, only play video and or sound based on publisher-defined criteria. The player is highly flexible: it works in Flash and HTML5, supports VPAID Flash and VPAID JavaScript, and works on desktop and mobile web. Video demand is delivered as VAST XML via RTB. Pages are tagged using Microsoft Advertising's seller tag (AST) which supports multiple placements per page and multiple media types per placement.

In this guide

In order to make use of the outstream video ad unit, there are a few setup steps that need to take place. The pages in the Outstream Video Quickstart Guide will help you to complete these setup steps.

Current topics available include the following:


This guide assumes that you are familiar with certain Microsoft Advertising features such as publishers, placement groups and placements. You can find useful information about these topics in the Selling Guide.