Programmatic Guaranteed selling line item targeting

You can use the Programmatic Guaranteed line item targeting settings to decide how your deal's buyer targets and serves creatives on your inventory by including geography, device type, system, daypart, key/value, page property, and demographic information.

Line item targeting is an essential narrowing process that directs ad campaigns to valuable inventory and avoids spending money on ads that aren't likely to provide significant ROI. Each targeting option has its own set of considerations and configuration instructions.

  1. Set Up Geography Targeting

    You can choose which countries, regions, cities, postal codes, and metro codes your deal targets with Additional Geo Restrictions.

  2. Set Up Device Type Targeting

    You can choose which device types (Desktops, Tablets, Mobile, and/or CTV) your deal targets.

  3. Set Up Key/Value Targeting

    You can define your own keys and their corresponding values to make full use of publisher data and help advertisers reach their intended audience.

  4. Set Up Daypart Targeting

    You can target users during certain days and hours of the week.

  5. Set Up System Targeting

    You can target users based on their operating systems, browsers, language, device model, or carrier.

  6. Set Up Segment Targeting

    You can specify which users are targeted based on the audience segments they belong to.

  7. Set Up Page Properties Targeting

    You can target for certain page locations and properties for creatives.

  8. Set Up Demography Targeting

    You can target users by their demography information.