Microsoft Monetize - Reporting labels

Reporting Labels allow you to report by metrics that are important to your business. You can assign an Account Manager, a Salesperson, and Advertiser Type, allowing you to report by these labels in order to better assess performance. You can also assign a Trafficker, Sales Rep, and Type (Insertion Order of Line Item) to your insertion order or line item.

Assigning labels

You assign Reporting Labels on the Create/Edit screen under Reporting Labels. It will take about 30 minutes for the labels to show up in reporting.

Reporting on labels

You can run reports using Reporting Labels as a filter or a dimension in Network Analytics and Advertiser Analytics. This allows you to assess performance more easily.

In Advertiser Analytics, you can run reports by your Publisher Reporting Labels. This will allow you to see who in your company is responsible for the managed publishers that a specific advertiser is serving on. For a Real Time Campaign you will not be able to view other members' Account Managers and Salespeople, only your own.

Labels are applied at the time of reporting, so the current label will always be displayed in a report.

For example, George is the Account Manager for Cheese of the Month Club from January to March, but in April you reassign Cheese of the Month Club to Paula. When you run a report for March, you will see Paula listed as the Salesperson because she is the current salesperson.