Selling in-stream video

To monetize video inventory, you need to successfully describe the player and its specifications using the placement object. These capabilities are fully supported by Monetize and the Microsoft Advertising API.

Some advantages of trafficking in-stream video placements via the Microsoft Advertising platform include:

  • Microsoft Advertising will respond with a bid in under 150ms, reducing latency.

  • The reach and scale of the Microsoft Advertising platform allows Microsoft Advertising video buyers to find their audience on your inventory. You can take advantage of Programmatic Deals, leverage first-party data, and initiate deals with buyers to generate increased CPM.

  • Microsoft Advertising offers exclusive access to several large demand partners who leverage Microsoft Advertising as their only buying channel. Our integration with all major video DSPs provides the greatest available access to demand for Microsoft Advertising platform sellers.

  • You can control ad tags, reporting, and yield management settings using a single platform for both video and display, greatly simplifying important workflows.

  • Microsoft Advertising offers robust targeting and ad quality controls for video such as content categories, brand eligibility, real-time data integrations for behavioral and contextual targeting, and many others.

    This guide explains the placement-level setup for in-stream video, as well as how to properly export placement tags.

Setting up in-stream video requires familiarity with Microsoft Advertising objects such as publishers, placement groups and placements. You can find additional useful information about these topics in the Selling Guide.