Microsoft Monetize - Set seller defaults

On the Partner Center Screen, the Default Settings option allows you to establish default inventory trust settings for all sellers. It is possible to override these settings for individual sellers. For details, see Edit Seller Defaults.


Inventory trust settings only apply to standard line item targeting.

Step 1. Get started

Go to the Partner Center screen (Partners > Partner Center) and click on the Default Settings button to display the Default Settings dialog.

Step 2. Update your default settings


Changes to the Partner Center

New sellers are eligible (that is, available for buying) by default in Partner Center, and we have removed the ability to set default eligibility to Blocked. Though default eligibility options are no longer available, no Partner Center blocks set before March 10, 2016 have changed.

AppNexus Direct sellers can only be blocked using domain or campaign exclusions.


Get to Know AppNexus Direct

AppNexus Direct is a group of 100+ sellers we have identified as mostly selling owned and operated inventory or selling through exclusive relationships with publishers.

For more information, please see AppNexus Direct or contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager.


Unblocking AppNexus Direct Sellers

Once you unblock an AppNexus Direct seller, you cannot reinstate blocking for that seller in the Partner Center.

The Default Inventory Trust setting indicates whether you trust inventory reviewed only by the Microsoft Advertising platform (Platform-reviewed), by the Microsoft Advertising platform and the seller (Seller-reviewed), or all inventory (All). For more information on the different inventory trust levels, see the Setting default inventory trust section in Partner Center Screen - Buyer View.