Microsoft Monetize - Set up conversions with universal pixel

You can set up conversions for your universal pixel using rules and conditions, then track conversion activity using Microsoft Monetize reporting.

  1. From the top menu bar, click Advertisers > Universal Pixel.

  2. Select a pixel from the Universal Pixels page.

    If no pixels are defined, use the setup instructions in Universal Pixel Basic Implementation to create one.

  3. Click +New.

  4. Provide a name for the conversion.

    This name will identify the conversion in conversion reporting.

  5. Categorize your conversion as a lead, landing page, or another event category.


    If you have already used a standard event as a condition for the conversion, then the conversion will be categorized with that standard event by default.

  6. Under Lookback, specify the time between an ad view or click and the conversion event during which you will attribute conversions to the ad view or click.

    For example, if you want to attribute any shopping cart adds that occurred in the month after viewing an ad to the ad view event, set the post view lookback to 31 days.

  7. Under Count, determine if you will limit the number of attributed conversions per user. You can also limit the number of conversions counted within a period of time.

    For example, you probably want to attribute multiple purchases per user within a time window to the ad, but if your conversion event is a page view for an informational site, counting multiple views might not be meaningful.

  8. Click Save.