Microsoft Monetize - Set up cross-device attribution

To attribute conversions across a multi-device consumer journey, you need to ensure your line item is correctly set up, including conversion pixels and segment targeting.

Set up a conversion pixel to track Conversion Attribution.

In order to track conversions across devices and view associated metrics, please set the Augmented Line Item in the following way:

  1. Have Cross Device enabled in Basic Settings.

  2. Implement first/third party audience segment targeting in Audience Segments.

    (Recommended for a CTV campaign. Optional for other campaigns).

  3. In the Optimization section, select the pixels you want to track conversions against using the Conversion Tracking option.

  4. You can then run the Analytics Report and/or the Device Analytics report to get the number of conversions/details on the conversion device. (See Cross-Device Reporting). The cross-device related metrics in these reports are as follows:

    • Advertiser Analytics - The report has two metrics:
      • Post View Conversions Cross Device
      • Post Click Conversions Cross Device
    • Device Analytics - The report also has two metrics:
      • Conversion Device Make
      • Conversion Device Type
  5. Recommended: Set the limits in the Frequency Capping section to ensure that, now that consumers can see your ads on multiple devices, they do not see more impressions than you intend.