Third-party inventory targeting


Get to Know Microsoft Advertising Direct

Microsoft Advertising Direct is a group of 100+ Microsoft Advertising sellers we have identified as mostly selling owned and operated inventory or selling through exclusive relationships with publishers.

For more information, please see Microsoft Monetize supply or contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager.

If your campaign is set to buy third-party inventory, your campaign will target all third-party inventory by default. However, you can narrow your targeting to include or exclude specific sellers, publishers, universal content categories, or placements.

  1. In the Targeting section, click Edit next to Inventory.
  2. On the 3rd Party Inventory tab, include or exclude inventory at the appropriate level:
    • Sellers lists shows all third-party sellers from which you can buy inventory. You can either include or exclude sellers or drill into a seller to view the publishers and content categories exposed to you.
    • You can also opt to include or exclude the whole Microsoft Monetize supply seller group, or click on Microsoft Monetize supply in the seller list and drill down to include or exclude specific sellers with that designation.
  3. The text button lets you target publishers and placements by ID. To do so, click the button to switch into text mode, select the type of ID (publisher or placement), enter the IDs separated by commas, space, or lines, and then select Include or Exclude.
  4. Click Add.

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