Update publishers

You can update publishers in the Microsoft Advertising system. Follow the steps in the appropriate section to modify your publishers. All of these actions happen from the Publishers screen in Monetize.

Edit a publisher

To edit an existing publisher, first highlight the line of the publisher you want to edit (this is different than checking the checkbox). The Publisher Details section appears at the bottom of the screen. To change any settings for that publisher, click the Edit button.(For details on the specific settings, see Create a Publisher.)

From the Publishers screen you can move on to edit or view a publisher's components, such as placements, ad quality, and reporting. Click on the Publishers menu and select the component from the dropdown menu. This will open a dialog box from which you can select the publisher. Alternatively, from the Publishers screen, click on or hover over the publisher you want to work with. Select the component from the Go to menu for that publisher.

Activate/Deactivate publishers

To change the state of one or more publishers to active or inactive, check the checkbox next to the publisher(s) you want to change.After at least one publisher has been checked,the options in the Actions dropdown become active. Select Activate or Deactivate as appropriate. A confirmation dialog appears. Click Confirm and all selected publishers will be updated. Use the state dropdown to display publishers based on this status.

Delete a publisher

This is particularly useful when you want to get rid of unnecessary or accidentally created publishers.


Before you proceed, you should confirm that the publisher you are deleting is not actively involved in any current campaign activity. Also, please note that deleting a publisher deletes all of its child objects as well, including placement groups, placements, payment rules, and publisher-level ad quality profiles. The deletions are permanent and cannot be reverted. Although deleted objects continue to be available in reporting, you will no longer have visibility into their specific settings.

Delete publishers by first checking the box next to each publisher you want to delete. Select Action > Delete. A confirmation dialog will appear. Click Confirm to delete all selected publishers.