About reporting

When you first access the Reports tab, you can open a number of predefined reports that answer specific inquiries (e.g., What is the sell-through of my network?). In addition, you can build your own custom reports. You can save, schedule, and share them.

Use the following criteria to create reports:

  • Dimension – The primary area you're reporting on (e.g., product, order line status, advertiser).
  • Primary and Secondary Metrics – The aspect of the dimension that you want to investigate and compare. This generally changes over time (e.g., utilization, earned revenue, discount).
  • Dimension Filters – Filters that remove data about the dimension from the report. The available filters depend on the dimension you select.
  • Metric Filters – Filters that limit the report based on what you select (e.g., filtering by date or order). They do not change based on the selected dimension.

Yield Analytics creates and updates your report in real time, based on the metrics and filters that you apply (unless you have Update set to Manual). In addition, you can sort the report's data, change its grouping, and view the results as different graphs or tables.