About the orders tab

Use the Orders tab to investigate orders and order lines that are underdelivering.

Using the orders tab

From the Orders tab, you can:

  • View information at-a-glance in one of the three widgets.
  • Find orders and order lines that are underdelivering and need to be optimized.
  • Check for any competing order lines or sponsorships that may be drawing traffic away from an at-risk order line.
  • View detailed information about where an order line is delivering, as well as any overlapping products.

Most people use the Orders tab to find and evaluate specific, at-risk line items. This is accomplished either by searching for them based on a list from the ad server, or by running the Revenue Against Goal report on the Reports tab and then viewing the order line's visibility.

Evaluate orders

Evaluate Orders helps you evaluate outgoing proposals before you send them to prospective customers, and to uncover opportunities to improve yield. When you view proposed orders in Evaluate Orders, its flags alert you if a proposal has pricing or availability issues.


Some ad servers and order management systems use different terms to refer to the same thing. For standardization purpose, yield analytics uses the following definitions:

  • An order is sometimes called a campaign or an insertion order (IO). It contains information about the purchase.
  • An order line is sometimes called a line item, flight, or campaign. It is the specific product that's being delivered, including the creative and delivery management.
  • A proposal is a proposed order (pending and reserved, not booked).

See the Glossary for a complete list of definitions.