Anatomy of the evaluate orders page

The Evaluate Orders page has two tabs where you can review proposed orders:

  • The Order Analytics tab displays some key metrics by which you can compare the proposal to the rest of the clients or advertisers for your agency.  It also displays the potential contracted revenue by price and contract type.
  • The Order Lines tab displays the availability of all order lines in the proposal. It also displays any similar alternate products.

Anatomy of the evaluate orders order analytics tab interface

The Order Analytics tab on the Evaluate Orders page is comprised of the following sections:

  • Order details panel – Displays the order's details.
  • Key Metrics panel – Displays bar charts that you can use to compare the order to all other orders in the system.
  • Order Composition panel – Displays how the order's placements will be consumed (CPM vs. CPD and standard vs. sponsorship).

Anatomy of the evaluate orders order lines tab interface

The Order Lines tab is comprised of the following sections:

  • Filter panel – Used to find a specific order line.
  • Order Line Listing panel – Displays a list of all order lines in the proposal.
  • Product Details panel – Displays details for the selected order line in three tabs: Availability, Price, and Alternate Products.

Using alternative products to solve pricing/availability issues

Alternative products are available in Evaluate Orders to help resolve! Price and Avails flags!

About alternate products

The Score for an alternate product indicates how closely it's related to the order line's product, based on the following criteria:

  • Alternate sizes – Products with the same targeting as the order line's product, but with a different value for Size.
  • Audience affinity – Products that heavily overlap the same set of other products.
  • Purchase behavior – Products that frequently appear together on the same orders.

View alternate products

In the Product Details panel, click the Alternate Products tab.

Add an alternate product to a proposal

  1. Click the Add button to the left of the product's name. A new order line with the selected product is created at the top of the Order Line Listing above the Product Details.
  2. Enter or change the order line parameters (e.g., Start date, End date, Imps) as needed.
  3. Click Update.

To remove the order line, click Edit and clear the Included checkbox.