Edit the details of a product

You can edit the details of a product on the Edit Product page.

  1. On the Find Products page, search for the product. To the left of the product, click and select Edit Product. The Edit Product page appears.

    You can also access the Edit Product page by clicking Edit Product on the Product Visibility page.

  2. In the upper section of the page, update the product name, external product ID (used to map the product to your ad server), product type, and default rate card CPM as needed.

  3. In the Seasonal Rate panel, add and remove rate cards as needed.

    • To add a rate card, click Add New. In the rate card row that appears, select a date range or accept the default. Type the rate card CPM, and type the floor CPM.
    • To delete a rate card, to the left of the rate card row, click Remove.
  4. In the Associated Product Groups page, add and remove the product from product groups as needed.

    • To add the product to a group, click Select. In the Product Group dialog that appears, select the groups to which you want to add the product. Click Update.
    • To remove the product from a group, to the left of the product group row, click Remove.
  5. To change the target attributes of the product, at the bottom of the page, click Modify Target. The Modify Target page appears.

    1. On the left side of the page, in the Lookup Criteria panel, select the product attributes you want to use for your new product.
      • To start with the attributes of an existing product, select it from the Products list. The product you select will replace all the existing attributes assigned to the product.
      • To specify target attributes for the product, select them from the Attributes list. You can search for products/attributes by typing in the filter field at the top of each list. As you type, the list of products/product groups is narrowed accordingly.
    2. In the Attribute Values panel on the right side of the page, review the attributes you selected.
      • To specify attribute values, click the click to add attribute values link, add the values you want to look up. Click Update. You can type the values you want to look up or you can choose them from a comprehensive list by clicking Select, and adding/removing values in the Attribute Values dialog.
      • By default, the attributes you selected in step 2 appear in the Products must match all of these criteria box. To have your product also match any of a set of criteria, click the And any of these criteria box. Select attributes from the Add Attributes panel, and then specify the values for the attributes you chose.
    3. Click Update. The Edit Product page is redisplayed.
  6. To exclude a product from lookups in the system, at the bottom of the page, click Inactivate. Inactive products retain their history but do not collect new data after the date they're made inactive. Once a product has been made inactive, it can't be reactivated.

  7. Click Save.