Schedule a report to be sent

When you email a report to yourself or designated recipients, you can send it immediately or on a recurring schedule.

  1. Create a new report or open an existing one, and then save it. Only saved reports can be scheduled.
  2. On the toolbar, click Send. The Send Analysis dialog appears.
  3. On the Recurrence dropdown list, select how frequently you want the report to be sent, or select None to send the report immediately without scheduling it.
  4. In the Send To box, enter the email address for each recipient, separating each address with a comma. You can include up to 50 email addresses. To send a report to more than 50 addresses, use a distribution list.
  5. (Optional) In the Message box, type any comments you want to include in the email.
  6. (Optional) As needed, clear the checkboxes for items to be included in the email.
    • If you're sharing the report with someone who doesn't have access to yield analytics, the recipient can't receive a URL Link to access the report.
    • If you're sending a Data Snapshot, it includes the first 20-25 lines of the report in the email.
  7. Click Send.

To schedule a report to run bi-monthly, create two monthly instances of recurrence (for example, one on the 1st and one on the 15th).

If you have administrative access, you can select Admin Tools > View Reports to view and edit scheduled reports.

Anatomy of the Reports Tab