Yield Analytics 7.17

Feature enhancements

We have created an option to "Update All" datasets, when there are multiple datasets in reports. This will eliminate the need to go into each dataset to change a single metric filter.

  1. Single dataset
    1. Normal operation
    2. *Update All* not visible
  2. Add dataset
    1. *Update All* immediately visible
    2. This should be a clone of the current dataset
  3. Click *Update All* (each filter type)
    1. Initial dataset
      1. Standard date range should be set on other DS's
    2. Subsequent/cloned dataset
      1. Custom date range should be set on other DS's (including initial)
  4. Click *Update* (each filter type, w/multi datasets)
    1. Filter should update on the current dataset only.
  5. Open saved report
    1. Single dataset
      1. *Update All* should not be visible
    2. Multi dataset
      1. *Update All* should be visible
      2. Within Find Products the metadata model now allows you to link directly to Target Visibility.There is also a horizontal scroll bar to allow you to better access the data.


  • Corrected discrepancies between what we are showing in analyze overlaps vs. what is shown in availability look up - when running overlaps between attribute values.
  • Fixed session persistence issues within Saved Lookup Edit.