Yield Analytics 7.3

Please note that we have removed the old Reports screen, you can use the New Reports screen for all of your old reports.

  • New Reporting Screen Changes

We continue to work on enhancing the reporting screen. Here are the highlights for this release:

  • Page resizes correctly when switching between table and charts.
  • Start/end dates in custom calendar update correctly.
  • Every modal that has an input text field should open with focus on that field, to prevent the user from having to click in it.
  • Sponsorship Calendar Date Controls - Allows you to view the Sponsorship calendar using different date ranges within the month.
  • Sponsorship Calendar Priority and Frequency Capping - Allows you to apply priority and frequency caps to your Sponsorship Calendar. This is to enhance the data you are able to view.


Unfilled Contract Type - The logic now reports the data into the future, and graphs the future data points appropriately.