New Yammer FAQ

Yammer has been completely redesigned, with dozens of new capabilities that power leadership engagement, company-wide communication, and communities. New Yammer delivers a beautiful, intelligent experience across devices and deep integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook. As part of Microsoft 365, people can connect and share knowledge across the organization with open conversations backed by enterprise-grade privacy, security, and compliance.

As Microsoft’s first app built from the ground up with the Fluent Design System, new Yammer provides an engaging and easy-to-use experience on the web and in the Yammer apps for Android and iOS. In addition, Yammer can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, as a Communities app in the left rail and on mobile devices, enabling you to access organization-wide communities without leaving the hub for teamwork. Integration with Outlook lets you read, like, and reply to Yammer conversations from within your Outlook inbox. Yammer also provides an updated integration experience in SharePoint Online with the Conversations web part.

Building on a decade of customer success and feedback, new Yammer delivers many top customer requests. A new, personalized conversation feed powered by AI connects you with conversations across the organization. Each community can be given a unique identity with branding and cover photos. Communicators can highlight conversations with pinned posts and close discussions to prevent replies. Leaders can broadcast live and on-demand events with a new, simpler production option using webcams and desktop sharing, and attendees can watch in Yammer, on mobile, or in the new Teams integrations.

What’s new and different about this experience?

The new Yammer experience is built fully in Fluent, the Microsoft design language, strengthening coherence between Yammer and other Microsoft 365 apps. Along with the UI, we've added new capabilities.

Home Feed

  • Enhanced home feed helps users discover top posts from communities, people, and topics they follow

Home Page

  • Provide feedback from the suite header without leaving Yammer
  • Easily switch to external networks from the suite header
  • Suggested communities in right rail
  • Suggested people in right rail


  • New reactions – including Love, Laugh, Celebrate, Thank, and Sad – provide a wider range of ways to interact with colleagues on conversations
  • Enable users to report a conversation to better moderate your network
  • Close conversations that have concluded
  • New publisher experience provides the ability to include any type of content in an announcement and to announce any type of post
  • With new bolder conversation styling, posts, questions, and praise stand out for even greater engagement
  • Rich media uploading and viewing improvements, including recently used file suggestions, enhance engagement
  • Users can create and annotate a short video on a mobile device
  • Nested replies group replies together in a way that preserves context around these discussions
  • Edit and view full conversation (edit) history
  • Save and view bookmarks
  • Edit attachments and announcements


  • To better convey the purpose of Yammer, groups are now called communities
  • Pin your favorite communities to the sidebar to make them easier to find
  • Make your communities shine with vibrant cover photos
  • Restrict posting in communities to make it an official corporate communications channel
  • Set question as default post type in a community
  • Pin important posts at the top of your communities to ensure members see them
  • Official communities are designated or sponsored communities that have a verified checkmark
  • Navigate to the next community after reading all posts
  • Updated community creation and settings
  • Updated community insights page
  • Related communities feature limited to 6 communities at this time
  • Microsoft 365 and Office 365 resources can be found on the community page
  • Add a member to a community via an email address, however you cannot yet search for existing tenant users with email

All Company

  • Brand your network with your company logo on the home page
  • Make your communities shine with vibrant cover photos
  • Customize All Company, just like any other community, by adding a cover photo and avatar
  • Restrict posting in All Company to make it an official corporate communications channel

Profiles Experince

  • New people card experiences are aligned with Microsoft 365, presenting a consistent profile experience across all apps
  • Can view followers or who is following on people page
  • Can view follow people from the people hover card


  • Anyone can upvote useful or helpful responses
  • Original poster and the community admin can mark best answer to a question
  • Insights on questions and answers can be found in the community insight page


  • Live Events provide a dedicated event page with questions as the default post type
  • Live events are promoted at the top of the discovery feed
  • A dockable floating player is available in new Yammer on Yammer mobile but not on the web currently
  • Advanced Search filters for data and community
  • Topics search results page


  • Improved files experience within communities for native mode networks. Yammer networks not yet in native mode will show the legacy Yammer file experience.
  • Add recent cloud file experience while uploading a file
  • Enable files to be uploaded directly from SharePoint and OneDrive



External Communities and External Networks

  • Ability to add people to external communities

What features are not available in the new experience?

Below is a list of features that differ or where further improvements are being explored or may not be moved over to the new Yammer:

Publisher features

  • Capital letters do not initiate an @ mention so you must use an @ symbol

Admin experiences

  • Improved Admin Center in new Yammer
  • Private content mode enhancements
  • Some admin permission overrides not yet respected

Discontinued features

  • Hide conversation in feed. Now you can mute a community from appearing in the feed

There will be more updates to Yammer in the upcoming months. Refer to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for upcoming plans. Additionally, if you need help with anything not listed here, please send feedback.


Q: How can I get new Yammer within my organization?

A: Yammer global administrators and verified network admins can configure access to new Yammer through the Yammer admin portal. From there, they can enable the toggle to display in the suite header or enable new Yammer across their network. For more information about managing opt-in settings, see Bring new Yammer to your organization.

Q: Where can I find resources to help with deploying the new Yammer within my organization?

A: The Yammer Adoption Center includes materials to help you deploy new Yammer across your organization. This includes email templates for your internal announcement, Yammer tips and tricks, and a template for the new Community cover photos. There’s also a Yammer end user guide to help your organization get up-to-speed quickly.

Q: Can we opt out of new Yammer at any time? A: Any users who have opted into the new Yammer experience will remain in that experience until they choose to go back to the classic experience. For more information about managing the available options, see Bring new Yammer to your organization.

Q: Will links automatically redirect to the new or classic Yammer depending on my user setting?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the new experience available for customers that have a Yammer network with EU data residency?

A: Yes!

Q: What about guest users in external groups?

A: Users will either see the new Yammer or the classic Yammer experience depending on the state of their home network. If your network hosts an external group, people within your network that are opted-in will see that group in the new Yammer experience. Any guest users within the external group will see the classic Yammer experience if their network is not yet enabled for the new experience.

Q: What about external networks?

A: Users can continue to access external networks through the Network Switcher icon available on the integrated tool bar at the top of every page. On switching, users will see these external networks in the classic experience.

Q: Is the new Yammer fully accessible?

A: Yes, our new Yammer web experience meets the industry’s accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0) which means that our core scenarios meet accessibility requirements. However, there are non-core scenarios where users may run into accessibility issues but these scenarios won’t hinder the full Yammer experience.

Q: Are all languages supported in new Yammer?

A: All languages available in classic Yammer are available in new Yammer.

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