Integrate Yammer with other applications

Yammer offers a variety of integrations to help make other applications more mobile and social.


For many integrations, it is helpful to know how to find a Yammer community or group's feedID.

Yammer for SharePoint

Add Yammer feeds to your SharePoint pages. For instructions, see Use a Yammer web part in SharePoint Online and Include a Yammer feed in a SharePoint page.

Yammer and Teams

You can Add a Yammer tab to a Teams channel.

Yammer and Skype for Business

You can Add a Yammer feed to a Skype Meeting Broadcast, or use Skype for business from within Yammer.

Yammer Embed

Yammer Embed delivers Yammer feeds to existing business applications, such as Skype for Business, the company intranet, CRM tools, or content management systems.

Yammer Connect

The Yammer connector is a host of social plug‐ins that gives you the flexibility to extend Yammer's social functionality across enterprise applications.

Yammer and Flow

Microsoft Flow can be used with Yammer.

Yammer for Dynamics CRM

Integrate Yammer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to add a social layer to your existing CRM tool and jumpstart collaboration. For more information, see Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online With Yammer.

Yammer for

The Yammer for Integration automatically delivers your Salesforce CRM activity to Yammer in real‐time. You can track the progress of Salesforce objects like accounts, opportunities, leads, and campaigns within Yammer and instantly collaborate with coworkers from any department. For more information, see Yammer and Integration Sample Code Solution.

Custom apps using the Yammer APIs

You can create your own applications using the data in Yammer, including creating tools to automate backing up data and deactivating users as they leave your company. The Yammer REST API provides an HTTP interface to features available in the Yammer Web Application, and the export API provides a way to export Yammer data. Get information about the Yammer APIs in the Yammer Developer documentation.

Yammer App directory

Check out this comprehensive list of all Yammer apps in the App Directory.

How do I find my Yammer group ID?

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