ASDK architecture

The Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) is a single-node deployment of Azure Stack running on a single host computer. Edge routing components are installed on the host computer to provide NAT and VPN capabilities for Azure Stack. Azure Stack infrastructure roles run in the Hyper-V layer of the physical host computer.

Virtual machine roles

The ASDK offers services using the following VMs hosted on the development kit host computer:

Name Description
AzS-ACS01 Azure Stack storage services.
AzS-ADFS01 Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).
AzS-CA01 Certificate authority services for Azure Stack role services.
AzS-DC01 Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP services for Microsoft Azure Stack.
AzS-ERCS01 Emergency Recovery Console VM.
AzS-GWY01 Edge gateway services such as VPN site-to-site connections for tenant networks.
AzS-NC01 Network Controller, which manages Azure Stack network services.
AzS-SLB01 Load-balancing multiplexer services in Azure Stack for both tenants and Azure Stack infrastructure services.
AzS-SQL01 Internal data store for Azure Stack infrastructure roles.
AzS-WAS01 Azure Stack administrator portal and Azure Resource Manager services.
AzS-WASP01 Azure Stack user (tenant) portal and Azure Resource Manager services.
AzS-XRP01 Infrastructure management controller for Microsoft Azure Stack, including the Compute, Network, and Storage resource providers.
AzS-SRNG01 Support Ring VM hosting the log collection service for Azure Stack.

Next steps

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