New name for Power BI datasets

Microsoft has renamed the Power BI dataset content type to semantic model.

The rename was necessary for two main reasons.

  • The term dataset is considered too generic. It has different meanings in the context of other data-related activities, especially now that Power BI is one of many experiences in Microsoft Fabric.
  • The term semantic model better reflects the rich functionality of Analysis Services data models, upon which Power BI reports are based.


This change is a rename only. There's no interruption to usage or service. You can expect a continuation of service because administrators, developers, and other users aren't required to make any changes.


To avoid confusion and support requests, be sure to notify your community of practice of this change.

Name changes

Here are some examples of name changes.

Old name New name
Dataset Semantic model
Shared dataset Shared semantic model
Import dataset Import semantic model
DirectQuery dataset DirectQuery semantic model
Composite dataset Composite semantic model
Live connection dataset Live connection semantic model
On-premises dataset On-premises semantic model
Dataset owner Semantic model owner
Large dataset Large semantic model


The name change has been rolled out in the Power BI service and in documentation, though there might be some instances where the change hasn't occurred yet.

Name change exceptions

The following concepts aren't affected.

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