EntityKey.EntityKeyValues Property


Gets or sets the key values associated with this EntityKey.

 property cli::array <System::Data::EntityKeyMember ^> ^ EntityKeyValues { cli::array <System::Data::EntityKeyMember ^> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <System::Data::EntityKeyMember ^> ^ value); };
public System.Data.EntityKeyMember[] EntityKeyValues { get; set; }
member this.EntityKeyValues : System.Data.EntityKeyMember[] with get, set
Public Property EntityKeyValues As EntityKeyMember()

Property Value

A ReadOnlyCollection<T> of key values for this EntityKey.



The EntityKey class contains a copy of the values that make up the logical key that is specified for this type of entity.

The members of the ReadOnlyCollection<T> each have a property name and a value in a KeyValuePair<TKey,TValue>, where the key is the property name and the value is the actual value of that property on the object.

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