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SerialError Enum


Specifies errors that occur on the SerialPort object.

public enum class SerialError
public enum SerialError
type SerialError = 
Public Enum SerialError


Frame 8

The hardware detected a framing error.

Overrun 2

A character-buffer overrun has occurred. The next character is lost.

RXOver 1

An input buffer overflow has occurred. There is either no room in the input buffer, or a character was received after the end-of-file (EOF) character.

RXParity 4

The hardware detected a parity error.

TXFull 256

The application tried to transmit a character, but the output buffer was full.


This enumeration can be useful when handling the SerialPort.ErrorReceived event to detect and respond to errors when communicating data through a SerialPort. You examine the type of error by retrieving the SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs.EventType property. The EventType property contains one of the values from the SerialError enumeration.

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