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PSHost.EnterNestedPrompt Method


Instructs the host to interrupt the currently running pipeline and start a new, "nested" input loop, where an input loop is the cycle of prompt, input, execute.

 abstract void EnterNestedPrompt();
 abstract void EnterNestedPrompt();
 abstract void EnterNestedPrompt();
public abstract void EnterNestedPrompt ();
abstract member EnterNestedPrompt : unit -> unit
Public MustOverride Sub EnterNestedPrompt ()


Typically called by the engine in response to some user action that suspends the currently executing pipeline, such as choosing the "suspend" option of a ConfirmProcessing call. Before calling this method, the engine should set various shell variables to the express the state of the interrupted input loop (current pipeline, current object in pipeline, depth of nested input loops, etc.)

A non-interactive host may throw a "not implemented" exception here.

If the UI property returns null, the engine should not call this method.

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