Preparing for and installing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app


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This article describes how to prepare for and installs the Business Central App when you have on-premises solution. If you have Business Central online, there's no preparation. For more information, see Getting Business Central on Your Mobile Device.

The Business Central App is available for download for devices that use following operating systems (OS):

OS Description Download
iOS Mobile app for iPad and iPhone App Store
Android Mobile app for Android phones Google Play
Windows 10 or Xbox One A desktop app for Business Central 2021 release wave 1 (version 18) and earlier. The app mimics the Business Central Web client but has the same look-and-feel as mobile apps.

If you're using 2021 release wave 2 (version 19) or later, install the app directly from your browser. For more information, see Get Business Central Desktop App.
Microsoft Store

Like the Business Central Web client, the app relies on a Business Central web server instance to connect to database. The app uses the same application code as the Web client, except it renders the application in a different format.

Preparing the environment

To install a working Business Central App, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have a working Business Central on-premises solution that includes a web server instance, server, and database (application and business data).

  • The Business Central Web Server instance must be configured for:

    • https (SSL)

    • For the iOS app, the navsettings.json file must include the "GlobalEndPoints" parameter with the following endpoints as a minimum: null, ms://businesscentral, and ms://dynamicsnav. For example:

      "GlobalEndPoints": "null,ms://businesscentral,ms://dynamicsnav"

      You can set other endpoints, but these endpoints must be included for the app to work.

  • You’re set up as a user in Business Central.

    If you installed Business Central, then by default, your Windows account has been added as a user.

  • The computer on which you install the app must meet the requirements outlined on the download page for the app.


Business Central doesn't support Microsoft Entra application Proxy, because Application Proxy doesn't fully support web sockets.

Install the Business Central app

  1. Go to the download page from links provided in the preceding table, and select Get.

    You can also install the desktop app by running setup.exe from the Dynamics 365 Business Central installation media (DVD). Follow Setup until you come to the Dynamics 365 Business Central page, select Get the Business Central app from the Microsoft Store, and then Get.

  2. On the Welcome page, select Connect to a local or hosted service.

  3. In the Service name box, enter the URL for your Business Central Web Server instance.

    This URL is the same URL that you use for opening the Business Central Web client, and has the format: https://<hostname>:<port>/<web server instance>, for example, https://mycomputer:443/BC150.

    Select the arrow to continue.

  4. When prompted, provide a valid user name and password for accessing Business Central.

    For example, if your deployment is using Windows authentication, you would enter your Windows user name and password.

    Select the arrow to continue.

    When completed, the Business Central App will open.

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